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XPiratez / Re: [MAIN] XPiratez - N6 03-Oct-2023 Zany Cats
« on: November 23, 2023, 04:07:47 am »
I'm not even close authorized to speak from the name of mod development. All above is my own consideration regarding my vision and impression. For example if mod developer adds more sandbox element in update I would support this too. The most I care is primate of author vision as it is vital for project's success and uniquity.

UPD: I don't play other x-com mods actually. But I presume that initial design of X-Com influence story-like approach to development.

XPiratez / Re: [MAIN] XPiratez - N6 03-Oct-2023 Zany Cats
« on: November 22, 2023, 09:39:00 pm »
I must admit I'm not fully aware about mentioned spoilers topic likely I'm just not experienced player enough. But from my personal game experience difficulty progression seems both challenging and not too pressing, giving player some space for mistakes, experiments and roleplay. In early stage you even receive some tips like "you need more brainers" for example. From this point I consider difficulty balance satisfactory and I also see its further improvement by updates. The game also have difficulty levels, I personally play on medium one.

Make another game which entirely rolls around player.. what for? For this case and this lore scripting concept itself is fair enough. Even if it consists some time limitations if any. I personally consider certain parts of current scenario unrealistically soft and giving ungrounded advantages but anyway. Sort of sandbox could be adequate for trivial mutant group but not for "chosen ones" contesting world evil powers. By the plot your free life comes to end when govs arrive to your hideout and then the story begins.

The point 5 is fundamentally wrong as independently from product qualities potential consumer should be firstly informed about product's existence and advantages. XPiratez is not a casual game and fitting it to generic or casual gamers' tastes will not give anything. Just in theory the playerbase might be increased by involving more players who might like the game but remained uninvolved while the target group itself is naturally narrow.

And I'm not speaking here about how increasing project popularity might harm development process or endanger the project existence itself. If the freeware project is popular enough to keep developer motivated it is going well.

XPiratez / Re: [MAIN] XPiratez - N6 03-Oct-2023 Zany Cats
« on: November 22, 2023, 03:58:14 am »
I think that x-piratez could attract over 1000000x more players (new and old as replayable game) if it could be played in more open world style of playing, without rigid (scripted) time pressure. Then any spoilers (small or big) are not required to know.
Time pressure should be put on tactical aspect, not on strategical aspect - this is golden rule for any good game: quick to learn long to master (without using spoilers from author's secret gardens).

I see around a lot of games which trying to ease my game experience and spare from frustration. When such attempts finally reach its destination another game becomes another casual pressure-free munch.

XPiratez will never attract 1000000x more players this is niche product by nature. The best way of further development for XPiratez is being XPirates and follow XPirates' developer vision. If you want to attract 1000000 new players you need to invest $1000000 into promo campaign and release game in Eastern Asia region, China I mean.

At the moment I don't see why the story of native insurgent group on backwater planet should be freed from the time pressure. The response to protagonists' activity determined by factors far beyond player's control which makes course of events mostly predefined until the major bifurcation point which is victory game end.

XPiratez / Re: [MAIN] XPiratez - N6 03-Oct-2023 Zany Cats
« on: October 06, 2023, 12:40:06 am »
Each update we hail! Though imaging the world without mutant porn is troubling indeed.

XPiratez / Re: A thread for little questions
« on: June 09, 2023, 10:56:35 pm »
Do we have Taarna from "Heavy Metal" implemented in the MOD?
I see Loc-Nar The The Sum Of All Evils is already referenced )

XPiratez / Re: What is the border between plagiarism and inspiration?
« on: April 23, 2023, 11:31:50 pm »
Ages ago I read sci-fi fiction book which was literally nothing than text description of regular X-Com game campaign. And this even was published, I mean printed as a book with real ink and paper and being sold in book stores. So whatever it called it's worked at least once already.

I see negative score issue mentioned so link to dedicated topic could be helpful, please check below.

Help! I am losing games because of score! [Guide],10299.0.html

XPiratez / Re: [MAIN] XPiratez - N1 29-Apr-2022 Every Day Is Caturday
« on: August 10, 2022, 12:04:33 am »
Hello. Today I would like to complain about how overpowered HARVESTER is.
Secondly, camping in this craft is too easy because no windows.
And lastly, you can block lifts so melee enemies can never reach you.

Since HARVESTER is not military craft originally it may have fair amount of windows, stairs and ramps I presume.

XPiratez / Re: [MAIN] XPiratez - N1 29-Apr-2022 Every Day Is Caturday
« on: August 02, 2022, 12:34:58 am »
I don't want to add to the rumormill and keep in mind I'm just a random observer/lurker here so I have as much information as you do, but a few pages ago on this topic Dioxine did mention that he's living in a certain area where war has broken out. I'm just guessing but I think that might be the reason why he's not posted here at least.

It's confirmed that living in waring country does not require to abandon usual habits until your city district assault.
Dioxine's country was not invaded nor bombed same as will not be in foreseen feature due to longstanding political reasons. It even was mentioned in complete different context so war factor itself should not be overestimated.

XPZ Strategy/Tactics / Re: [TOOL] Shipping Contact ID Sheet by Speed
« on: June 12, 2022, 02:35:05 am »
Thank you, quite helpful indeed. Do you think something similar for enemy bases could be useful too?

XPiratez / Re: A thread for little questions
« on: May 22, 2022, 12:55:29 am »
How to get cloaking device after rejecting the power?

I see necessary Shadowtech listed as acquirable from gnome interrogation but what does "Get one free protected" section mean?

Hey quick question, is there like an artistic or otherwise explanation for why the namelist for humans has the hard n-word in the list of surnames? Thanks

Outrageous. If this true I demand at least latinos and jews represented correspondingly. Maintaining equality and diversity does matter.

XPiratez / Re: [MAIN] XPiratez - N1 29-Apr-2022 Every Day Is Caturday
« on: April 29, 2022, 10:36:10 pm »
- Gfx improvements to paperdolls: Academy Nurse, Researcher, Medic, Engineer, Esper, Osiron Yeoman, Church Neophyte, Mutant Half-Uber, Brute, Lamia (by Interdictor w/ some slight modifications)

I've just quickly checked updated paper-dolls and has not found anything closely resemble to my past contribution. Please check maybe somebody else nickname should be mentioned in this update changenotes instead of mine. Latter one is misspelled too but anyway.

XPiratez / Re: [Submod] X-Peasantz
« on: April 29, 2022, 02:25:14 am »
Thank you, will try this sub-mod for sure on next game! I play in peasant-army style so look of peasant does matter for me )

XPiratez / Re: ARR: Reject The Market (M3)
« on: April 29, 2022, 02:20:00 am »
Thank you for detailed answer it will helps me a lot.

Well I know about Dutchman its granted for free by event and impossible to overlook. But what about fighter crafts? Following the rule of challenge it seems not easy to get and arm something especially early game.

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