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XPiratez / Unasked opinion about integrity
« on: February 14, 2022, 12:24:41 am »
While admitting I'm not really understand the reason of decision to change sub-forum moderator I am as an actual community member still feeling obligated to proclaim my protest.

I can understand and even support the idea to free developer from tasks like forum moderation and community management but still consider formal moderation rights removal as a fracture of community self-respect that should not be allowed as an ill practice. As far I can see Dioxine had the sub-forum moderator rights from the beginning so I consider maintaining the status quo in a case of hostile force emersion as a matter of community honor.

With full of reasonable respect to the decision of the senior leadership of the community I still decided to share my considerations to avoid being silently agreed.

I thank everybody for attention.

XPiratez / Download: Sailor, Maid and Furs outfits for human girls (M3.2.1)
« on: September 24, 2020, 04:33:54 am »
If you want something to be done do it yourself. After some time of screwing around with original mod files me proudly present you sailor, maid and fur outfits for damsels and peasant girls.

List of changes and features:
  • SKULLGIRL and HANDMAID outfits stored as Sailor Uniform and Maid Outfit respectively.
  • FURS variation of TRIBAL outfit for peasant girls and personal white shamber fur outfit for damsels.
  • All outfits’ stats are carefully set and based on original mod content.
  • Updated lists of outfits allowed for infiltrations.
  • Outfits transformations for cold, hot, sea and "plain clothes" environments.
  • Maid outfit set as default for peasant girls in mansion.
  • Several slightly different corpse sprites and animation sprite sheets for human girls.
  • Experience gain bonus (5) for SKULLGIRL.
  • Rare Earth Elements drop from dead SKULLGIRL.
  • Updated GUI for Armor Preview in vessel screen.
  • Text descriptions for English-US localization.

Compatible with XPiratez M3.2.1 4-Dec-2021 only.

  • Extract from the archive attached to the post.
  • Merge with "Dioxine_XPiratez" game folder, merge subfolders, replace files.

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