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XPZ Strategy/Tactics / [TOOL] Shipping Contact ID Sheet by Speed
« on: April 21, 2022, 01:12:28 am »
I worked up a Shipping Contact ID Sheet by Speed as an aid to tracking traffic on the busy Geoscape.  With the Revolutionary HQs in M5, we are seeing alot more of this and that in the first few years.

This sheet is in Google Docs and sorts all of the various Shipping by their fastest speeds. 

I've also included the icons for their markers in Flying/Landed/Crashed states.
I'll work in the Intercept Window for each as well.  Some are done at this time and others aren't.
Finally, I've included the links to the Online Pedia entries at  Through this process I was able to identify about 30 more contacts that were added to the 'Pedia.

XPiratez / [MOD] Streamlined Vehicle Production 99J8 (Updated)
« on: September 28, 2018, 03:53:48 pm »
Streamlined Vehicle Production Mod
Inspired by the new vehicle system in X-PirateZ v. 99J7, this mod introduces alternate recipes for the new piloted Armored Cars and Tanks. 

These recipes allow producing the entire vehicle in one project by including all sub-components by manufacture or purchase.

      STR_ACAR_2MG_ARMOR_M: "*Armored Car *2xMG"
      STR_ACAR_HMG_ARMOR_M: "*Armored Car *HMG"
      STR_ACAR_AC25MM_ARMOR_M: "*Armored Car *25mm AC"
      STR_ACAR_AGL_ARMOR_M: "*Armored Car *AGL"
      STR_ACAR_RPG_ARMOR_M: "*Armored Car *4xRPG"
      STR_ACAR_105_RECOILLESS_ARMOR_M: "*Armored Car *105mm RR"
      STR_ACAR_LASCANNON_ARMOR_M: "*Armored Car *Lascannon"
      STR_TANKP_AUTOCANNON_ARMOR_M: "*Tank *60mm Autocannon"
      STR_TANKP_BATTLECANNON_ARMOR_M: "*Tank *85mm Battlecannon"
      STR_TANKP_LASCANNON_ARMOR_M: "*Tank *Heavy Lascannon"
      STR_BOMBARD_ARMOR_M: "*Tank *Bombard"     
      STR_BIKE_Q_ARMOR_M: "*Assault Bike"
      STR_COPTER_ARMOR_M: "*Gyrocopter"

Change log:
99J8 Added: Car/Lascannon, Tank/Lascannon & /Bombard, and Gyrocopter.  Fixed Assault Bike.

Released Mods / [MOD] OXCE+ Bughunt Enabled
« on: September 15, 2018, 12:28:08 am »
This mod allows players using OXCE+ to play vanilla or mods based on the Nightlies, to turn on the bughunt feature.

The settings are borrowed from the X-PirateZ Mod.

bughuntMinTurn: 15
bughuntMaxEnemies: 2
bughuntRank: 0 # commanders are VIPs
bughuntLowMorale: 70
bughuntTimeUnitsLeft: 35

Released Mods / [MOD] OXCE+ Visuals
« on: September 15, 2018, 12:25:14 am »
This is a simply mod for players who are playing vanilla or mods based on the Nightlies and not OXCE+.

This adds graphics for unit status:
  • Bleeding
  • Stunned
  • Burning
Also included are the backgrounds for Middle-Click "Meridian Vision" of units on the Battlescape.

XPiratez / [MOD] Shock Indicator (Lightning)
« on: July 08, 2018, 06:33:45 am »
With the 99J3 update out, using the new engine, I'm posting my Shock Indicator Mod.

This places a lightning bolt over a downed body that is losing HP due to overstun.  This is for both friends and enemies.  Apply stims etc, to remedy this condition and keep them alive.

Note: Dioxine intends to incorporate his own graphic for this in an upcoming version, so this mod would not be strictly necessary but be an alternative.

XPiratez / [MOD] Piratez Kills Flags v.3 with Soldier Types (bugfix)
« on: June 26, 2018, 10:28:17 pm »
This mod takes advantage of a recent addition to the OXCE+ engine that allows your soldiers to have different flags on the Info page according to the number of kills they have scored.

Generally the flags gain more detail and bling as the kill count racks up.

Currently there are 12 flags, with a zero kill equating to a plain dagger, then flags for 1, 10, 20, 40, 80, 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, and 400 + kills.

0.3  Bugfix: flag offsets for soldier types was incorrect.  Adjusted the values to account for starting with zero.
0.2  Added Distinct Flags for soldier types.  7 colors of background for the 12 flag designs.
0.1  initial release. 12 flags.

Soldier Types:

Different colors for different soldier types in the BG
Lunatics : Red
Hands/Warriors/Veterans : Deep Violet
Freaks :Orange
Syns   : Blue
LK : Green
Peasants : Pink
Slaves: Brown

ie: Lokknar:

XPiratez / [MOD] Soldier Type Statstrings 1.1.99j7 update
« on: June 11, 2018, 08:07:57 pm »
This mod appends a small identification code behind the names of your soldiers so you can distinguish their types.

Various Soldier types in 99J2 :

 id    type.........          name

c.    STR_SOLDIER: Castaway Gals (or Escaped Lunatics)
h.   STR_SOLDIER_S: Hand 
w.   STR_SOLDIER_M: Warrior
v.    STR_SOLDIER_V: Veteran.h.
f.     STR_SOLDIER_X: Freak
ss.   STR_SOLDIER_SLAVE: Slave Soldier   
lk.   STR_SOLDIER_LOKNAR: "Lokk'Naar Warrior"

added Bugeyes for 99J7


When I tested the mod, if it was higher on the list than other statstings mods, it disabled the others.  If I had it lower, it appended the identifier to the end of the other statstring.  You may want to merge these values into any other statstring mods that you are using.

Update 1.1:  I figured out the conflict issue.  Setting a string to more than one character causes all subsequent strings to be ignored.  This conflicted with other statstring mods, so I found a workaround to make it function as desired.

Update 1.1.99j7:   Added Bugeye soldiers.  (Had to re-upload this because it was initially using a bad setup from the original)

XPiratez / [MOD] Ivan's X-PirateZ Tweaks (v.6 No Zombie Mansions)
« on: June 08, 2018, 12:47:06 am »
I have a number of tweaks that I use while playing Piratez.  They are minor enough that I keep them in their own mod folder and just add or remove rulesets as necessary.

The following adjustments are included here:

  • ( Deprecated in v.6 as this was mainstreamed by Dioxine) : Dont Hide Mines  This allows the player to see any mines they place on the mini-map but does not reveal traps that are spawned on the maps.
  • Make Grenades Great  This removes some of the accuracy penalty associated with throwing grenades out of sight.

    # Hand Grenades.  Up to 4 weight. Designed to be thrown accurately.  (Through a window from 20 m.  This comes from my memories of grenade training as part of Army basic Training.)
    # Lets go with No-LOS penalty of 80 for these

    # Explosive Bundles.  5 to 8 weight. Designed to be tossed and then the soldier has to clear the immediate vicinity.  (Into a bunker or tank hatch like a satchel)
    # Lets go with No-LOS penalty of 70 for these.  They are still heavy enough that throwing them far, and thus out of sight, is challenging.

    # Demo Charges.  Super heavy (over 8).  Extremely powerful blast (200+?)
    # no-los penalty of 60?  most peeps drop these anyway.

    # Instant explosive grenade likes
    # Molotov, Black Powder, etc.  Mechanically are single-shot expendable arcing weapons.
    # Use similar weight based values above
  • Arcing Training Adjust - Changes weapons that fire arcing shots like grenade launchers from training firing accuracy to either training firing or throwing.
  • Cavehunt Convenience - Adds a simple project that allows manufacturing all the components for a cavehunt as well as completing the hunt itself.
  • Advanced Slave Manufacturing - Allows simpler batch manufacturing of Yeomen, Drone Herders, and Super Maids.
  • Streamlined Slave Manufacturing - Allows simpler slaving of the ubiquitous Savvy Girl by adding the needed whip into the project cost.  Now includes Ninjas, Nomads, and Pestcontrollers.
  • (Deprecated in v.6 as this was mainstreamed by Dioxine: Rank Names for All - provides simple rank names for the auxiliary soldiers in xpiratez.  Lokknar (Gobbo Gurl), Slaves (Slaveboy), Peasants (Peasant Gal), Syns (Synth Babe))
  • No Zombie Mansions - NOT APPROVED BY DIOXINE: Removes Zombies from the possible Mansion occupants.

You can use the whole batch by installing the attachment like any other mod, or customize it to your desires by removing any of the individual rulesets.

v 0.6  Added No Zombie Mansions.  Deprecated Ranks for All.
v 0.5  Rank names for non-promotable soldiers (Lokknar, Slaves, Peasants, Syns),6331.0.html.
v 0.4  added Super Maid to advanced slave mfg.  Added in Streamlined Slave MFG to include Ninjas, Nomads, and Pestcontrollers.
v 0.3  added Savvy Girl with Whip

Other tweaks that I use are standalone mods that you can find in these threads:

Streamlined Armor Manufacturing: allows for making armor from components without intermediate steps.
Streamlined Vehicle Production: These recipes allow producing the entire vehicle in one project by including all sub-components by manufacture or purchase.
Unified Uniform Production Names: unifies armor names across manufacture and equipping, etc.
Simplified Endgame (Quality of Life): allows for batch manufacture of endgame armor and lower costs for final craft.
Reversed StatStrings for Multiple Soldier Types: allows for statstrings to account for different soldier types.
Soldier Type Statstrings identifies your different soldier types after their name.

I love Starving Poets Reversed StatStrings mod!  However, I came to lament how it didn't account for the differing statCaps for various types of soldiers now in X-PirateZ.  Escaped Lunatics, Hands, Warriors, Veterans, Freaks, Peasants, Slaves, LokkNaars and Slaves are distinct and have varying stat caps and trainability caps.   

Then I stumbled upon Meridan's addition to OXCE+ last August of the ability to define soldier types in the statstrings.  <3

So I re-worked the Original Reversed Statstrings by Poets and added in all the other soldier types up to 99J1.

How to use these stats?  Keep training till the letters all drop away!

F,f - Firing
T,t - Throwing
M,m - Melee
R,r - Reactions
E,e - (Energy) Stamina
B,b - Bravery

ACE Superb Pilots
* Secondary Stats maxed (TU, Stamina, health, and strength)
:  Primary Stats Trained to max of training facility values.
~ Psi Strength over 60
$ Psi Witch: Psi Strength over 60, Skill 40.
@ Uber Witch:  Psi Strength over 64, Skill 40.  Numbers adjust for Peasants, & Slaves with higher potential
2.1.99J7  Added Bugeye (Hybrid) soldiers, new in 99J7.
Bugfix: Stamina values were incorrectly targeted on firing values.  Lokks, and Syns should now have the correct displays.
In 99J2  I added an entry for "ACE" pilots for Lokks and gals that have maxxed out their Firing, Reactions, and Bravery.

The X-Com Files / [Mod] Flappy Bat
« on: February 01, 2018, 10:46:21 pm »
Animates the venerable Shadow bat and fixes some glitches with the sprite sheet.

(I thought I had already uploaded/provided this, but I can't find it on Discord or on the forums.)

edit:  bugfix with typo in yankesscript

XPiratez / [MOD] Simplified Endgame (Quality of Life) (0.99H1)
« on: September 30, 2017, 09:20:38 pm »
Note: this Mod will make the game easier, and may not appeal to Hardcore players.  We also realize that it deviates from the campaign design as envisioned by Dioxine.

If you are an avid PirateZ player, you may have run into times where you get to a point in the campaign that you face this huge grind just to end the game.  Massive amounts of fuel cells needed for the Conqueror, needs for many suits of endgame armor.  You may have just put your campaign on the shelf at that point and just started fresh again to try out all the new stuff that had been updated since you started. 

This mod aims to reduce the level of grind required and put the final mission within reach a bit easier.

What this mod does:
1.  The requirements for the Conqueror have been reduced by about 80%.  This should make it significantly faster to complete.

2.  A new manufacturing tech allows you to get multiple Annihilator suits quicker.

This mod has not been tested in a campaign yet, but if you do use it, please give me some feedback.

Version compatibility: 0.99H1

# Quick Finish Mod - designed to clean up some of those annoying late game grind requirements.
# This mod is recommended with Streamlined Fuel Capsule Manufacturing Mod


# Reduce Conqueror Requirements -  scaling back fuel cell requirements to about 20% of current
  - name: STR_AVENGER
    category: STR_CRAFT
    space: 100
    time: 150000
    cost: 10000000 #20000000 (halved this)
    requiresBaseFunc: [WORKS]
      STR_ALIEN_ALLOYS: 2500
      STR_FUEL_CAPSULE: 100 #500 (cut this by 80%)
      STR_ALIEN_FOOD: 24
      STR_SPACE_SUIT: 36
      STR_AVENGER: 1
    refund: true
    listOrder: 395

# Templated Annihilator -essentially, you give a suit to Jack and pay him a bunch of dosh and get back 5 suits.
    space: 0
    time: 22300
    cost: 13000000 #2225700 (base cost of manufacturing from production mod)  New cost also adds in a couple million more for components and 20% overhead)
    requiresBaseFunc: [WORKS, PRINT, SUR]
    listOrder: 1896   

# Need Research item to unlock templating.
    cost: 60
    points: 50
      - STR_ANNIHILATOR_ARMOR # Yep, need this one.
      - STR_BOUNTY_HUNTING_PRIZE_JACK_FAVOR # To get Jack to do the work for you.
      - STR_CONTACT_MERCENARIES  # For synth muscle mesh components
      - STR_MARKET_OF_WISHING #Buying Power Armor Parts     
#Extra Strings
# Need Pedia - Text for what Jack will do
  - type: en-US
    strings: &EnglishStrings
      STR_ANNIHILATOR_ARMOR_TEMPLATING_PEDIA: "Our sources have indicated that Jack is quite insterested in licensing production of our Annihilator Suits. If we provide him with one, he has the resources to template it and speed up production.  For a slight overhead consideration, he will provide us with access to more of these fine suits. {NEWLINE}{NEWLINE} New Manufacturing Project Available: {NEWLINE} Annihilator Suit Templating."     

    type_id: 7
    text_width: 290
    listOrder: 30631

#Extra Sprites
# Need pedia image to illustrate the templating idea
    singleImage: true
    width: 320
    height: 200

XPiratez / [MOD] Unified Uniform Production Names (compatible with 99J7)
« on: September 21, 2017, 05:16:41 am »
Ever feel confused by researching "Magical Girl Outfit," manufacturing the same, but then having to transfer and equip "FAIRY" outfits? 

This mod addresses that and tries to unify the naming convention so they are easier to find once they have been manufactured.

Armors/Outfits addressed in the mod:
"Space Suit /Lokk'Naar"
"Nightblade Outfit /Lokk'Naar"
"Shadow Armor /Lokk'Naar"
"Admiral's Outfit"
Fairy (Magical Girl Outfit)
Junkmaster (Unplugged Power Armor)

Updated at 99J4 after comparing Dioxine's own refinements in the main mod.  I have commented out some and retained others. Added Shadow Armor.
Updated for 99H2: also included strings for the Streamlined Armor Manufacturing Mod.
Released at version 99h1.

Note: if you are Using the Streamlined Armor Mod, ensure that it is higher in the mod list than this mod (Unified Production Names).

I've been wanting to do this for a while.  I always felt bad for the way they were so ashamed and covered their faces.  So I started grinding through it and updated the graphics for our favorite Ratman Rodeo Denizens.

This mod updates:
-  Battlefield Sprites
-  Corpses
-  Inventory paperdolls
-  Bootypedia paperdolls

Edit.  Version 1.1 is a bugfix version for conflict with bigob images numbers and OG graphics.

Heya folks, just a little post to mention for some of you who might like some Classic Civ games modded all to hell and back, we just kicked off a new Play By E-Mail game of Solarius Scorch & Dioxine's major mod for Call to Power (1) called "Forever Future." 

We have six players (four from the OpenXcom community and two other friends) and two AIs battling it out on a huge world looking for supremacy and some awesome gaming over the long haul.  The last campaign lasted a couple years and ended up with a major fanfiction thread, and this one is starting out strong too. 

The thread is over at Apolyton, and if you are into fanfic of these sorts of things, you might enjoy it.

Forever Future 1.8 PBEM game


The goal of this mod is to make the game visually a bit less NSFW.  Essentially it will try to replace a lot of the nudity in the bootypedia and some of the background images.

Its not that I have any problem with Dioxine's artistic vision and what he has done with the game, its just that due to differences in culture (European vs. USA etc.), the amount of nudity is something that turns some folks off. 
The Yogcast stream was a recent example, and many streamers etc, may be worried about getting dinged for that silliness. 

Because I like the mod enough that I think it deserves a bigger audience, I felt it was worthwhile to put some work into this. 

All images used in this mod will be using the new Custom Palette system that Meridian developed in OXCE+.  I think this should make these images interesting and attractive.


December 24, 2021
Update: Files have been recovered for the 99F3 version.  I've tweaked the ruleset for the 99G4 error that was reported in the thread by Marza, and have tested it in 99M3, and is seems to work.  The mod is definitely not complete, it does not make Piratez SFW in any sense, there is still lots of boobs and nudity in the newer content over the past 4 years. 
I will not be maintaining the mod beyond this, but the assets are free to use.

July 18, 2017
Update: Stalled at 99F4.
99G4 Bugfix has been release with a user fix for the mod not loading (incompatible strings with new XPirateZ build).

Update: 104 images complete. 

Current Image replacement goal:
115 (including Commendations) (Does not include consideration for images added after 99F3.)

Current Image replacements:

Note:  In my work, I have also found some images, while not NSFW, visually discordant with the mod, and I have taken the liberty to replace some of those with alternates as well.
3 (Beastmen, Builder's Hall, & Krazy Hanna)

Edit:  These have been redacted in version .81

Update December 24, 2021: Juku121 uploaded a copy and I've tweaked it to work with 99M3.  Thanks Juku!


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