Author Topic: [MOD] Streamlined Vehicle Production 99J8 (Updated)  (Read 1439 times)

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[MOD] Streamlined Vehicle Production 99J8 (Updated)
« on: September 28, 2018, 03:53:48 pm »
Streamlined Vehicle Production Mod
Inspired by the new vehicle system in X-PirateZ v. 99J7, this mod introduces alternate recipes for the new piloted Armored Cars and Tanks. 

These recipes allow producing the entire vehicle in one project by including all sub-components by manufacture or purchase.

      STR_ACAR_2MG_ARMOR_M: "*Armored Car *2xMG"
      STR_ACAR_HMG_ARMOR_M: "*Armored Car *HMG"
      STR_ACAR_AC25MM_ARMOR_M: "*Armored Car *25mm AC"
      STR_ACAR_AGL_ARMOR_M: "*Armored Car *AGL"
      STR_ACAR_RPG_ARMOR_M: "*Armored Car *4xRPG"
      STR_ACAR_105_RECOILLESS_ARMOR_M: "*Armored Car *105mm RR"
      STR_ACAR_LASCANNON_ARMOR_M: "*Armored Car *Lascannon"
      STR_TANKP_AUTOCANNON_ARMOR_M: "*Tank *60mm Autocannon"
      STR_TANKP_BATTLECANNON_ARMOR_M: "*Tank *85mm Battlecannon"
      STR_TANKP_LASCANNON_ARMOR_M: "*Tank *Heavy Lascannon"
      STR_BOMBARD_ARMOR_M: "*Tank *Bombard"     
      STR_BIKE_Q_ARMOR_M: "*Assault Bike"
      STR_COPTER_ARMOR_M: "*Gyrocopter"

Change log:
99J8 Added: Car/Lascannon, Tank/Lascannon & /Bombard, and Gyrocopter.  Fixed Assault Bike.
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