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XPiratez / [MOD] Streamlined Armor Manufacturing 99J7a (updated)
« on: January 07, 2017, 09:19:33 pm »
Being inspired by Meridian's personal mod to streamline manufacturing of Annihilator Armor, I decided this concept was something I couldn't live without.

Designed for convenience, this mod allows alternate manufacturing recipes of all armors that require a lower armor type in one of its ingredients.
All new projects are marked with an asterisk "*" and use raw parts like personal & power armor parts, damaged grav units, synth muscle mesh, etc.

35 armors are included.


99J7.a Automated merge with Python script identified a few discrepancies that are addressed in this update. 
   Saviour outfit needed two Durathread
   Blitz time and cost tweaked
   Advanced Hover slight cost increase
   Storm Marine slightly faster
   Defender and Guardian slightly longer
   Assault Armor longer and more costly
   Advanced Power Armor much longer & slightly cheaper
   Brute less Combat Drugs
   Annihilator slightly cheaper in time, money and ingredients
   Testudo more expensive in time and cost
   Biosuit needs a Red Gem
   Pestulator slightly cheaper
   Shadow Lokk needed another Chem
   Assault Bike needed more money and Car Parts.

Previous Changelogs:
99J7:  Magical Girl (Fairy) now also needs 2 yellow gems.
99J6:  Updated end armor recipes:  Harbinger, Annihilator, Jugulator, and Testudo. Increases in time costs for Tac Vest and Tac Armors have cascade effects through multiple armors.
99J5:  Tweaks to recipes with Sectoweed. Updated: Saviour, Biosuit, Pestulator, Fairy. 
99J4:  Updated some of the armor names to comply with Dioxine's new schema.  No recipes added or changed.
99J3:  Just a note to confirm that the mod still works with 99J3.  No changes were needed.
99J2:  Just a note to confirm that the mod still works with 99J2.  No changes were needed.
99J1 Updated armors to include Glamour requirements for Saviour, Fairy, and Ghost.  Updated Moloch & Berserker for new requirements.  Updated time cost on Assault Bike, and also fixed time and cost for Smokey 2. 
99J1.1  Really fixed Smokey 2 this time, I hope. :(
Edit: May 7, 2018 99J.1  Slight tweaks to Assault Armor.
Edit Mar 22, 2018 99i2a.1  Update for new release of 99i2a version from Dioxine.
Testudo armor added, and slight recipe changes for Moloch and Plate Armor.
Edit Feb 13, 2018: 99i1.b Bugfix:
Working with BBallin's python script identified multiple discrepancies that had crept into the recipes.
Adjusted recipes for Saviour, Fairy, Swiftsuil, Blitz, Assassin, Dragonfly, Stormy, Assault, Harbinger, Brute, Annihilator,
Mesh-Refractor, Superhero, Loader, Sorceress, Furiousa, Bio, Pestulator, Doom 2, Shadow, and Assault Bike.
Edit Dec 27, 2017: Updated to 99i1.  Added Furiousa and Assault Bike.
Bugfix: Adjusted recipes for Brute and Annihilator to require 9 Synthmuscle Mesh.
Edit Dec 7, 2017: Updated to 99h3.  Added Doom 2 and Shadow Lokknaar. (Derp. Reuploaded bugfix version)
Edit Nov 26, 2017: Bugfix released at 99h2.1 A number of items did not have produced items spelled out.
Edit Nov 6, 2017: Updated to 99h2.  Added Fairy and Jugulator.  Updated list order to match Dioxine's. 4 armors updated.
Edit Sep 18, 2017: updated to 99h1.  Added Sorceress, Pestulator, Moloch, Crusader.  Updated costs for Swift & Brute and dependencies)
Edit:  Changes in 99G required updating the mod from sectoid corpses to academy corpses.
Edit 2:  arbee81 pointed out Batcostume missing and a bug for guardian armor.  Fixed. (thanks!)
Edit:  Whoops.  Looks like my bug fix put the Sectoid Corpse bug back in. Fixed (thanks!)

XPiratez / [MOD] Smart Sentry Gun
« on: January 05, 2017, 10:56:07 pm »
Faced with the frustration of landings where the Sentry Gun was unusable due to landing conditions, I decided that a version with limited rockets was the solution.

Troubleshooting / OpenXCOM Nightly Install Tutorial Video
« on: September 20, 2016, 11:06:04 pm »
Learn How to:
- install the latest OpenXcom Nightly with the installer
- copy in original save games
- where to get mods and how to install them:
  - install a simple mod (Improved HandObs)
  - Final Modpack
  - Mod Order Hierarchy (27:17)
  - Area - 51
  - Hard Mode Expansion
- how to install OpenXcom Extended &  OXCE+
  - install X-Com Files
  - install X-PirateZ
- manually install the latest nightly including
  - the difference between the Milestone 1.0 and the Nightly builds
  - where to find and put the original game assets
  - how to apply the universal patch
  - where to find the user folder and where to put mods
- Troubleshoot problems with installing OpenXcom or Mods and where to find help.

Navigation Links on the right side will allow you to skip to sections of interest in the video.

XPiratez / OBSOLETE: [PirateZ] Commendations Mod 0.1
« on: July 05, 2016, 09:59:58 pm »
Attention:  With the release of Piratez version .99A, Dioxine has integrated an excellent set of commendations into the main mod.  As such, I have dropped support of this mod.  If others want to work with it, they are free do so!  Thanks! - Ivan :D

(In order to move to the new integrated commendations mod, you must clear out previous medals.
1. Enter debug mode in Geoscape. - CTRL-D
2. Clear medals - CTRL-C
Alternately you can remove all soldier diaries: CTRL -A
3. Leave debug mode: CTRL-D)

With the new inclusion of Soldier's Diaries in Meridian's latest build (Jul 05, 2016) we are now at the point we can seriously consider/work on a Commendations Mod for Piratez.

There has been some initial work done by DracoGriffin as well as some brainstorming in the main Soldier Diaries thread.

I'll try to capture those items here to continue the discussions.

Where we are with Commendations:
 - Shoes maintains a main Commendations (Soldiers Diaries)  Thread Here:
    - most of the latter pages of the thread are bug fixes/reports here or there.
 - Commendations was written for Vanilla XCOM UFO, and as such features only those races/ranks/weapons/damagetypes in criteria, etc. 
 - The medals displayed after a mission are small ribbon graphics, that may get small stars, etc to indicate further awards
 - DracoGriffin has done an initial re-write of names of ribbons and descriptions to be more Piratey. 
 - Ufopaedia entries for the medals are were written for vanilla, as are the graphics for the medals themselves.  (All the entries would need to be reworked, as would many of the graphics.  At this point I have completed rewriting the Ufopedia text entries for the medals but the graphics are from vanilla.) 

Replacing the vanilla ribbons with more piratey bling, eg, tattoos, or jewelry pieces. 
- This would most likely require re-coding how the graphics are displayed, and would need Meridian or Shoes, or some other willing soul to lend a hand.

I would recommend a hard look at the amount of awards with an eye to reducing bloat.

Also: Is this Commendations integration something that Dioxine wants to handle without collaboration?  Obviously, anyone can make their own mod for XPirateZ, as I did with the initial Ufopedia mod for Commendations back in the day.  But if Dioxine wants direct control over this, then maybe it makes sense to only provide support where he'd desire it.

Spoilered below: Brainstorming from the Commendations Thread
I think coming up with medals will be easy. It's not coming up with too many medals which will be hard ;)

It's true that making proper award graphics for everything will be quite a lot of work though.. But since pirates don't do medals, maybe there can be something easier. Like the Iconoclast award (for killing 1 of every church rank? Or X number of church people?) could just be a picture of a smashed up church, or, as a placeholder, just show the corpse of a church cardinal. This way, Dioxine's ability to find awesome pics can come to the rescue, instead of finely crafting military style medals.

Anyhow.. we should sulk back into our Piratez subforum for that topic ;)

Come on... tattoos...tattoos!

Yeah, that would work too! And make it not too bad to implement: same background (skin, maybe 2-3 tones variations at most) for everything, then draw something on top (for people who are good at that drawing thing!)

I'm attaching a version of Draco's .zip, with a couple bug fixes, a bit of annotation, and some languages removed (all but En-US, the official XPirateZ lang).
Edit: updated the package with fixes to get it to work with PirateZ as master.

Edit 2: Adding new revamped mod package. "Piratez" (use instead of, not both)

XPiratez / [MOD] Defense Contracting {End Game} (Obsolete)
« on: June 13, 2016, 03:19:29 am »
After practically developing carpal tunnel from all of the clicking involved with manufacturing Battle Tank (Craft) for sale, I thought "There has to be a better way..."

1. Hideouts
2. Select Manufacturing base
3. Manufacture
4. New production
5. Battle tank
6. Start Production
7. Assign all runts (right click)
8. Aye
9. Aye
10. Yer Bridge

11. 6 (to fastforward by one day)

12. (manufacture complete popup) Allocate Manufacture
13. Aye
14. Hideouts
15. Fence
16. Battle Tank
17. Deal

Repeat above steps until out of Plasta-Steel (I bought in lots of 1000 to make 4 tanks before purchasing again).
Buy plastasteel. Add in previous steps.  Repeat.

So I started brainstorming about how to "automate" this process a bit more.  I hit upon the idea that we could wrangle a Guild Rep into "running" the business for us, and just put it on auto pilot (make infinite, sell all).  Of course this wouldn't be completely painless so I added a 10% "management fee" to the cost of production, but this would be well worth saving the seemingly infinite clicking.

What this mod does:
Presents a new research topic called Defense Contract.  This depends on Privatizing World Peace and the interrogation of a Broken Traders Guild Rep.  Costs are minor for the topic, and once researched allows for the production of "Defense Contracting" in the "Merchandise" section. 
$2,557,500, 100 workshop space, and 10000 hours will produce one "Filled Defense Contract" ( Sales Price - $4,000,000" ).  (With my factory base of 410 Runts cranking away, this is showing an upfront profit of $42.5 million/month before salaries and overhead). 
This is strictly designed to make the endgame burden a bit easier by minimizing a bit of the grindi-ness.

Edit: Updated for Piratez .99.e.3 ( to include Armory requirement and also adds in a slight cost for workers to simulate space in the vaults for the Plastasteel).

XPiratez / How to build the Conqueror?
« on: May 02, 2016, 07:05:23 pm »
....cause holy hell the building components for the conqueror. This thing is gona need an entire dedicated base just to assemble.

Would you consider developing idea this further, that we can get a Conqueror Manufacturing base design up on the wiki? ;)  Feel free to post in the bootypedia thread, or start a new one. :)

XPiratez / Mansion Mission Reports (Please Contribute)
« on: April 19, 2016, 04:40:40 pm »
New with 98C is a terryifing, mind-boggling, and possibly incredibly lucrative new mission called the Mansion Invasion.  :o

In the interests of Science (and to create substance for the Bootypedia Article) and the glory of impressive war stories, I'd like to hear some reports from any that have tackled these nightmares.

Please include:

1. Campaign or New Battle
2. Kill Counts (enemy & friendly KIA & WIA)
3. Loot Hauled
4. Duration of the mission (How many hours did it take you?)
5. Effective weapons
6. Other notes, i.e. effective armors, tactics, etc.

I'm looking forward to these tales of pain and glory!!

BootyPedia Entry:
There are rich mansions around the world, waiting to be robbed! Yet them defenses are too strong for a frontal assault. We need to go sneaky by dressing up as servants, and then escape from the roof. Therefore only maid, nurse, dress, thieving, and highly magical outfits are allowed. If we send gals who are wearing something else, we'll scrounge up some maid outfits for them inside the mansion. Also only Infiltration-type items can be sneaked inside. For getaway, we need a fast enough and not too heavy a ship. Speaking of which, when preparing your vessel, better not to bring to the mansion anything the gals won't carry in their inventory, who knows where that extra stuff is going to end. Our informers will get onto gathering data and when they'll locate a suitable target, you'll be alerted, Cap'n!
Mission Briefing:
"This place be holdin' many treasure! We will launch a sneaky attack. Any non-Infiltration equipment we're carrying will be sent to the Hideout now. To abort and escape, go to the extraction zones on the roof (all of them will be immediately visible). Otherwise defeat them all, but this can take a lot of time!"

XPiratez / [Mod] DefenderMinus Battlesprites
« on: April 12, 2016, 11:17:19 pm »
description: "Provides an updated battlesprite of the original Damaged Defender armor (Defender Minus) to bring it more in line with the Inventory image."

Notes for this Mod.

Watching Meridian's LP inspired this mod. His early acquisition of Defender armor made his early game
very strong.  When the armor was damaged, he continued on, and I noticed that the damaged armor was
using the same sprites as the better armor.

I got to thinking, maybe I can make a better sprite sheet that bares the arms to bring it more
in line with the Inventory Paper Doll, and make it more distinct on the battlefield.  It turned out
to be easier than I thought to merge the Dragonfly and Defender armor.

This mod will cease to be useful if Dioxine adopts these sprites for the main mod.


Cheers, Ivan :D

Edit: Forgot to attach the .zip initially. There you go.  Also, this isn't tested. Please report any issues here. Thanks!

XPiratez / XPirateZ Squad Analyzer (Help Wanted)
« on: April 07, 2016, 12:58:53 am »

The learning curve from OXC to XPirateZ is steep!  Trying to figure out how to get the best out of your gals, (especially in the early game) added to the huge variety of weapon types, can make your brain burn.  I tried setting up some spreadsheets to help me calculate which weapons benefited which gals the most.  I found this most useful for melee weapons because they stats they use can be so varied (bravery, reactions, melee, etc).

Then I got in touch with Imeryak to ask him for help pulling the data from my gals into an easy spreadsheet.  I could use this to import the stats into my analyzer.
Tool here:

Quote from: Imeryak
App grabs all soldiers from all bases, their names, missions, kills and current stats.
There are two buttons - one to open save files and one to save CSV files with soldiers stats. Those can be opened with almost any spreadsheet editor, including google docs.
To install - run setup.exe from publish folder or try sde\bin\Release\sde.exe to run it without installation.
Source code is included, so you may look at it and compile it yourself with Visual Studio 2013 Community Edition.
I am sure there will be bugs, so contact me when you find one.

Now on to the Squad analyzer.  We need to be able to define the weapon attributes (power, damage type, TUs, modifiers, etc).
Then we should have a sheet where the soldier's stats are matched against them allowing for analysis.  Such things as average expected damage (before armor), and maybe even maximum damage per turn?? (i.e. are 6 swings with a machete better than 3 with a cutlass?, etc).

I have a start of a google sheet that does some of this.  It has early game melee weapons, and sheets for the squaddies.  The Sheets call from the weapon sheet and compare them.
Overall, I'm not convinced this is best format, but I'm putting it out here as a starting point. 

Spreadsheet gurus, data nerds, and creative thinkers are welcomed with open arms to this project!

XPiratez / Supply Ship Farming and Taking Down Enemy Hideouts
« on: April 04, 2016, 06:22:44 pm »
It didn't take me long to figure out that these missions could be brutal.  Well, the supply ships anyway.  One baby nuke in the face has made me avoid them for my entire first year already.

So, I was curious.  When do you think the supply ship farming becomes viable?  What weapon tech/armor level would you feel is needed.

Same with the Hideout.  I'm too scared to try one out, but what do you find are the dangers, and how strong should you be before you brave them??

XPiratez / [PirateZ] Juggernaut Battle Sprite Mod
« on: March 30, 2016, 08:16:35 pm »
Provides an updated battlesprite of the original Juggernaut suit to bring it more in line with the Inventory image.

Notes for this Mod.
Code: [Select]
That cool moment where you research Kustom Power Armor armor for the
first time and acquire your first JUGGERNAUT SUIT!! Though not
invulnerable, the ability to step out and tank significant reaction
fire is really nice. 

After playing multiple missions with one gal in this armor, I began
to notice the differences between the Inventory PaperDoll image that
conveys the kluged together nature of this armor quite well with its
graffitti and spikes etc, and the fairly generic purple/grey powersuit
battlesprites being used for the soldier. 
I decided to fire up MCDedit and begin to try tweaking the
battlesprites. I started with recoloring the eye lenses to green.
Then I worked on the shoulders to add the spikes,
with some success though the side views are difficult to convey. 
Added some graffiti on the torso next.  These are the easy parts
and are used almost constantly in the battlescape.  Legs and arms are
much more tricky, as they have multiple positions in the sprite sheet
so I worked on getting the graffiti on the left arm in all of the
static poses, and the right leg's skull as well.  Now, these show up
pretty well, where ever the unit is facing.  I tweaked the death
sprites to put spikes on the shoulders and messed with at least one
facing of leg animations.

At that point I decided to try it out in game, and its pretty good.
Good enough, that I decided to be lazy and call this good enough,
as modding the rest of the 160 + images feel like they may just not
be necessary.

Chatting with Dioxine in the irc channel 
( confirmed that
he is not definite on the final nature of this basic suit of
"Junk Armor." His review of the original inventory image
shows thats its lacking depth etc.  With Bloax's graphic work, or
other inspiration, this armor may yet undergo significant changes
before the mod's final incarnation. 

With that in mind, I decided to release this as a mod, that would
include all the current assets (as of .98A) so that it would be
able to stand alone, and continue working if the other assets change
in the PirateZ master.  I also included the alternate Corpse sprites, so this
may need reworking after OXCE 3.0.

Once again, huge thanks to Dioxine for all his original
and franken-sprited art that I further Franken-sprited for this mod.  Further thanks to
Bloax and the gang in irc chat for feedback and tips, and for the
team on the OpenXcom forum for further great advice.

Feel free to provide feedback, bug reports etc, here.

Cheers, Ivan :D

XPiratez / [Piratez] Alt-Corpse Mod 0.2.99.c.1.a (Patch)
« on: March 19, 2016, 04:21:00 am »
Woot!  Finally got it working!!  Thanks Yankes!!

Okay, all work has been completed on the new version of the mod compatible with new versions of the executable after changes made by Yankes in OXCE 3.1.

Important: These mods will only work with OXCE+ 3.2 (v2016-07-20) or later.

This mod creates alternate big objects and floor objects for quick visual identification on the battlefield of stunned, wounded, or dead units.  Dead units are bloodied as normal, stunned display "ZZz"s and wounded dispaly "++"s.

Three versions of the mod are being posted in this thread.  One for BigObs only, One for FloorObs only, and one complete version.  This gives the player to use this in a modular fashion or turn off the "FloorOb" version if it feels too overpowered.  (I've removed this feature for the time being.  Give me feedback if you would like to see it restored)

Ok, the first working draft is ready for publishing.  Drop in your user/mods folder and enable in settings.

Notes on the Mod:
Notes for this Mod.

This mod came out of a very enjoyable campaign of Dioxine's X-PirateZ.  Meridian's custom builds of Yankes' OXCE (OpenXcom Extended) inspired me to add a visual ID method of determining if an entity was stunned or dead. 
 Meridian had added a terrific Fatal Wounds counter that quickly showed you how many wounds the entity had, but it still wasn't obvious at first glance if they were stunned or had expired.  Brainstorming with Dioxine and Bloax in the xpiratez irc chat, brought up the idea that Yankes had implemented a feature that allowed for alternate sprites for unconscious units to be defined in the rulesets.   
 This put the wheels in motion in my head of creating a second set of Corpse BigObs and I began the task of cleaning up bloodied corpses and bloodying up those that were already clean.  Further collaboration hit upon the method of flipping the facing of these units too, (Dead face Right, Stunned to the Left because arbitrary, thats why). 
 Once the graphics were done, they still needed to be converted to OpenXcom indexed palettes before final usage.  Ruleset development followed, where I quickly borrowed the shell from Roxis' excellent alt armor mods, and then added in all 280+ corpse objects.  Through the graphic editing process I had settled on going with only .png format.  That caused a few issues when I first tested, as .gif images previously defined in the PirateZ master mod, did not display correctly if they carried the same number as the master mod.  This then required developing a new set of numbers for those images.  I arbitrarily chose to put them in the 115,000 range.  The New unconscious images were given to the 120,000 range. 

The good news is, we have a cool working mod.  The bad news is, Yankes is going to entirely rework the alt-sprite function with a script functionality in 3.0 (so this will have to be re-written to stay relevant).

Special thanks to Dioxine for all his original and franken-sprited art that I further Franken-sprited for this mod.  Further thanks to Bloax and the gang in irc chat for feedback and tips, and for the team on the OpenXcom forum for further great advice.

Cheers, Ivan :D

This mod provides a rapid way to identify if a body on the ground in inventory is either dead or stunned. 

Cheers, Ivan :D

Change Log:

Alt-Corpse Mod 0.2.99.c.1.a  (Patch) - Fixes Floorob for Tough Girl to distinct sprites instead of borrowing the Guild Rep's

Alt-Corpse Mod 0.2.99C.1 Patch - This fixes Revenant Armor crash, and replaces a few images that were malformed. This patch is compatible with Piratez .99C1.

Alt-Corpse-Complete Mod 0.2.99.A.1.b - Adding in compatibility for new Armor: Heavy Kevlar (PIR_411).  This is expected in the next release of XPiratez after .99A.1.

Alt-Corpse-Complete Mod 0.2.99.A.1.a - Four bugfixes, one set of new sprites for upcoming armor.  I'm only going to support the Complete Mod going forward as that is where I think the interest is.  If others would like to have either the Floor or the Bigobs and not both, I'll consider updating them.  More info on the changes is in this post.

Alt-Corpse-Complete Mod 0.2.99A - Combined both Floor and Bigobs into one mod.

Alt-Corpse-Big Mod 0.2.99A - New Bigobs created for all vanilla units and some that used the same sprites.  Stunned and Wounded variants created and tested.

Alt-Corpse-Floor Mod 0.1.99A - This mod is configured to use the scripting mechanics from OpenXcom Extended 3.1 to replace images according to unit states.  This version creates Floor Object images that show whether the unit is stunned, wounded, or dead.  Important: This will only work with OXCE+ 3.2 (v2016-07-20) or later.
Versions prior to this require OXCE+ 2.9 or earlier.
o.1.98e - This is newer than the one shipped with PirateZ 98e.  It has the better ruleset, and the tester file is renamed so there should be no conflicts.
.98c-Patch - Re-palettized .98c corpse images to get them working in game properly
0.1c.98c - Updated to include entities in .98C (2 new Pirate Armors, 2 Church, 1 Trader, 1 Academy).
0.1b - Updated to include entities in .98B (3 new Pirate Armors, one new Humanist).
0.1a - Minor fix for Catgirl sprites
0.1 - Corpses for all .98 XPirateZ entities. Uses OXCE 2.9 altBigsprite coding that will be superseded.

Offtopic / PSA: is moving to new hardware
« on: March 10, 2016, 09:59:03 pm »
This should greatly increase site reliability! :) The site is currently being backed up. Within the next day or two, the plan is to move it to the new server and get it back online. There maybe an outage with the move (I'd guess at most a day or two). DNS caches may need to update, so some users may not get through immediately when it comes on line again.

Also: Thanks @ Jo5hua!! :)

XPiratez / Master of Mint
« on: January 22, 2016, 05:42:32 am »
Taking a look at the profitability mechanics of Piratez  has been pretty enlightening.   I wanted to put down my findings here and see if other smarter people might be able to point out something I might have missed.

Findings Hang on to all Silver and Purple chips.

One Silver can net you under $700k in just under 7 days. :)  Purple chips over $65k every 31 hours.  These are quite significant.

The major key that I see is that the earnings compound through each level of production. 

Due to multiplication, one Silver chip fully processed, yields 5000 Red Chips (1X5X10X100).  At $200 per Red, you have just turned one $5000 chip into $1,000,000 in under a week at minimum staffing.

If you have run out of silvers, Purples can still yield 1000 of the reds in under two days for a sale of $200k. 

To check profitability, we'll have to make some minimal assumptions.  First and foremost is the requirement of having a mint to do the work.  Lets ignore the build cost of this facility (or any others) and just use the monthly maintenance costs ($40,000).  The mint allows 10 runts to work inside it, so we will use this as a minimum staffing figure (10 runts X $5,000/mo = $50,000).  Lets call these the "Overhead Costs" and they total $90,000.

There are two other costs as well, the job cost for production and the cost of materials.  Job costs are:  Silver>$1500, Purple> $2500, Blue>$4000.  Multiplying these against the number of items to process (S:1, P:5, B:50) yields a total job cost $214,000

Materials cost can be considered the face value of the chips.  In considering the production of just one silver chip, we are looking at an additional material cost of only $5000.  I believe this is a fair way of looking at it, though arguments could be made to consider the face value of all the intermediate chips that are processed as additional opportunity costs (an additional $70k as it turns out).  I'll go with the simpler version.

Our total costs:
Salary+Facility+Job Cost + Materials= Total Cost
$50,000 + $40,000 + $214,000 + $5,000 = $309,000.00

Our profit on one silver is  Sale Price - Total cost.
$1,000,000 - $309,000.00 = $691,000.00

Not bad for a week's work, so hang onto those silvers!

Other interesting findings:

Just over four lots of Silvers can be processed in a month for a profit of $2,764,000.00.
This makes the hourly profit on these guys $440/hour.  Very tidy.

If you are out of silver, you can process four lots of purples for $1,552,500.00 at an hourly rate of $219/hour.

Of course, add in additional runts from workshops or factories and the speed can increase significantly. 
The major limiting factor in this operation is the supply of chips, which must be gathered from tactical missions and acquiring the research breakthroughs and building the infrastructure necessary for these enterprises.

Edit: (4/12/2016) :  Limiting factors have been lifted a bit with the new Robbery Mechanics yielding a good supply of chips as well as Pimping which also provides chips.  Looks like our mints may be able to run longer than before with these new additions to the mod. :)

730 hours per month (365days *24hours /12mo)
one Mint
10 runts
(no calculations for their place in the living quarters, basic cost of the base itself, etc.)
Only sell Red Chips
This discussion uses values from the .97C version.

Suggestions / Suggestion: Bleeding Icon on Corpse BigObs
« on: December 22, 2015, 06:01:30 pm »
X-com soldiers can fall conscious and die due to fatal wounds.  (So can enemies if you enable the option). 

Currently, the only way to know if they are bleeding is by standing over them trying to use a medikit. 

Wouldn't it be nice to check them even if you didn't have a medikit and know whether or not they needed aid?   

How about putting a simple "Bleeding" icon that could be represented by a red tear drop overlaid on the Corpse Big Object.  That way you could use the inventory screen when standing over a fallen unit and tell not only if they are dead or unconcious, but also if they are fatally wounded.

Forgive me if this has already been brought up and discussed/dismissed.  I didn't find it when I searched suggestions. 

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