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XPiratez / UBK PirateZ: (Build your own hideout at
« on: November 19, 2015, 02:15:32 am »
There is a really neat tool on that I converted for PirateZ, that lets you tile together a custom hideout for articles and discussions. :)

Code: [Select]
''Default Hideout Layout''

Converts to this:

Suggestions / Add melee availability to statstring conditions
« on: May 01, 2015, 10:47:49 pm »
The intent is to allow XcomUtil's Custom Stat strings to assess and report the value of the soldier's melee skill as well. 

Many mods use this attribute, and it may come into play with TftD melee weapons.

Pull Request is here:

This has been compiled and works as desired.

Cheers, Ivan :D

With current rulesets and functionality, it is possible to define custom music for every aspect of the game. :)

As I have worked on a custom set for my PirateZ LP, I have discovered that only Geoscape and Tactical tracks loop.   (Resolved Below)

1 . I would like to request that the looping functionality be added to the other tracks like Main menu, mission briefings, end of game, etc.  (Resolved Below)

2.  Could it be possible for the engine to shuffle through the available GMGEO, GMTACTIC, and GMINTER tracks that are defined in the ruleset, rather than just picking one and looping it as it currently does?

Cheers, Ivan :D

NEW ScoreBoard by Dioxine Here: Click Here for ScoreBoard!!
Check out all the stats and see How the Girls are Honored!

Woot! The first episode is Live!

Let's Play OpenXcom PirateZ! Ep #001: Yer Hideout!

Playlist here: Let's Play OpenXcom: PirateZ Playlist

Subscribe to get all the episodes here:  Click to Subscribe to Ivan's YouTube Channel


Submit your Piratey Names below to join this Pirate-Space-Babe crew!

Names come in the format of "adjective + name" i.e. "Blind Molly"  "Stinky Carol" "Hefty Wench" etc ;)

Current signed Pirates:  (Red indicates them whats fallen in battle)

1.   Cutlass Jo (Meridian)
2.   One-Eyed Priscilla? (Hobbes)
3.   Stanky Cap (JStank)
4.   Long Joan Silver (Simone)
5.   Gank Plank (Pilot 00)
6.   Monstrous Melody (Ridan)
7.   Cross-Eyed Nicky (niculinux)
8.   Galbrush Threepwood (Neptune's Nook)
9.   Stabby Rock Sis (Roxis231)
10.   Robin Hook (Robin)
11.   "Minty" Muffin (JustaMuffin)

12.   stealthy cuttlefish (lisa60405)
13.    Purple Akronymus (christoph4197)
14.   "Ornery Nicole" - (omninull)
15.   Blonde Jasmine (Jasmin Cruise)
16.   Wily Tomcat (Nivrat10)
17.   Carnal Lecherous (DarkNebula115) -

18.   Glorious Harlock  (Fanus Obscurus)
19.   Jolly Nelly (Samuel Attias)
20.   Filthy Casual  (Konhead)
21.   ''Deja Vu Lilly'' (Tautvilas Panasenko)
22.   "Vigorous Nelly" (HorstCM)
23.   Bloody Atom (NuclearStudent)
24.   "Blind Butterfly Spinner" (butterflyspinart)
25.   Tiny Tabitha the Terrible (Savior20061)
26.   Fancy Drakie! (*TheMontyDrake)
27.   Scorchy Tina (Solarious Scorch)

28.   Big Bertha (Ssupras)
29.   Cutthroat Scarlet (DovahkiinJH)
30.   Jerkwater Janice (the third curry)
       *Robin Hook (robin) (clone)
       *stealthy cuttlefish (lisa60405)
31.  Martian Max (Arthanor)

32.  Rotfoot Ruby  (Lord Foulgrin)
33. The Somber lady (Bloax)
34. Random Catastrophe! (Random Commander)
35. Cross-eyed Derpy (ubersold1992)

Them waitin' fer space on Board~!:

Work In Progress / "Skill Applied" for Firearms? (Damage modifier)
« on: April 01, 2015, 07:58:18 pm »
The thought crossed my mind, that it might be useful in a modding sense if ranged weapons might somehow benefit from skill applied.

Does this work now?  I think Strength does ( Dioxine's Box in PirateZ) and melee skill (for items like combat knife), but what about Firing Accuracy?  The idea being that as soldiers get more accurate, they get more deadly (think sniper shots in the eye for Acc 80 in vanilla).

Another method could be based on Rank.  As soldiers rank up, they get an increase in damage applied to any of their hits.  (yep, I guess this would involve modifying the code  - maybe a feature of OXE?).  Rookies get no bonus, or even maybe a malus (5 damage per rank starting at -5 ?).

Cheers, Ivan :D

Offtopic / Possible Thumbnails for PirateZ LP
« on: March 30, 2015, 05:12:38 am »
I'm getting redy to start Let's Play PirateZ, and I'd like opinions on my two options for Thumbnails.

Which do you like best?

Cheers, Ivan :D

Released Mods / [GRAPHICS] Improved Hand Objects (complete)
« on: January 16, 2015, 07:44:20 am »

It started out simple.  Frustrated with the silliness of a grenade representing tons of items in the game, I created a Medikit Handob mod, to portray the Medikit in the hand.  The HE Pack followed, and then the Motion Scanner. 

Why stop there?  Ok. All vanilla items now have their own custom Hand Object courtesy of this mod.

These include:


Motion Scanner
Mind Probe


Electro Flare
Proximity Grenade
High Explosive Pack
Alien Grenade
Smoke Grenade


Stun Bomb
Blaster Bomb
All rockets (SM, LG, IN)


Auto Cannon Clips (AP, HE, IN)
Heavy Cannon Clips (AP, HE, IN)


Rifle Clip
Pistol Clip
Plasma Pistol Clip
Plasma Rifle Clip
Heavy Plasma Clip

Official Modsite Link:

Edit: Mod Review is available on Youtube to see in game footage!

Cheers, Ivan :D

Open Feedback / The "Please Stop Using 1.0" Discussion
« on: January 15, 2015, 11:13:14 pm »
I felt it was not appropriate to continue thread jacking the Xeno Ops thread with this discussion, so I thought I'd continue it here. :)

See, ivandogovich? This poor fellow can use old version. He's compiling coz he's on the X. Every mod maker should chase moving target, or alternatively - always stay on outdated grey area. I think modsite should use that kind of categories - actual/outdated. Frankly pretty rare builds are affecting mods not back-compatible way, warboy cares that. But that doesn't mean that modmakers shouldn't check and update their mods! New version often has even more modding features. Let us take mapgen scripting. It allows for really diverse maps to be created. Ask Hobbes or robin. They stop using 1.0 long ago.

And another thing. Every modded or lper who's using 1.0 doesn't really help project to become better. At the best they simply advertising.

I'm just asking you, people to stop using 1.0 version. And stop using mods which aren't working with current version. It's the only way to move WITH the project. Not behind.

Sorry for offtoping.

Isn't xeno oper mod compatible with the nightly?

Thanks for clearly stating your view point, Volutar.  :)

Two responses:

Advertising is good! Its what keeps projects alive even if they are advertising something that is no longer current. ;)

At this point I won't stop using 1.0.  I am 73 episodes into a series that I will finish on the same platform that I started.  I'm quite happy with the way it plays and the entertainment that it provides.  I will probably give the nightlies a run when I get done with it, because there are a lot of excellent features that I want to try out. :)

You say that those playing 1.0 don't help make the project better.  That is true.  They are not beta testing the nightlies.  That role is important, but many players don't want to or don't know how to update bug tracker etc.  However, if they play 1.0, it can increase their interest and draw them further into the project.  Like me, they try to find some way to give back to the project, be it through graphics mods, translations or what ever. 

I think you are right in that the stance of the development team needs to be clearly stated.  On the downloads site and here on the forum,  the message should be clear that 1.0 is not supported as it is outdated.  Bugfixes for 1.0 are not being done, as these are in the nightlies.   Likewise, modding should keep up with the Nightlies if any support is expected from the development team.  I don't know if you speak for SupSuper and Warboy, but I respect the position, nonetheless. :)


Resources / [GRAPHICS] Improved Hand Objects
« on: January 15, 2015, 03:35:30 pm »
Ok, this is a working thread for Hand Objects updates I'm working on.

The goal is to create distinct handobjects for all vanilla items.  No more grey grenade blobs for almost everything but guns.

I have already published:

Hight Explosive Pack
Motion Scanner

Mind Probe
Electro Flare
Proximity Grenade
All rockets
Blaster Bomb
Auto Cannon Clips
Heavy Cannon Clips
Alien Grenade
Smoke Grenade

Rifle Clip
Pistol Clip
Plasma Pistol Clip
Plasma Rifle Clip
Heavy Plasma Clip

Anything other items I'm missing?
Also:  Looking at this list, if you were to use these, would you want to have all of them together in one mod? or the ability to pick and chose? (ie multiple individual mods?)

Cheers, Ivan
Edit: Mod Complete :)

Imgur album here:

Edit: Mod Complete :)

Imgur album here:

Released Mods / [GRAPHICS] Motion Scanner Hand Object
« on: January 13, 2015, 07:35:38 am »
In line with the other improved hand objects, here is a motion scanner hand object mod.

I took some liberties with the front and made it a bluish lens.  Gray was too boring.

I'll get around to wrapping these into a complete improved handobs mod at some point. ;)

Again feel free to borrow, etc.

Cheers, Ivan :D

Download from modsite link:

Released Mods / [GRAPHICS] High Explosive Hand Object
« on: January 13, 2015, 04:54:14 am »
So its been bugging me for quite a while.  The soldier carrying a High Explosive has to use the "grenade" hand object graphic, and that is just silly.
In Terror from the Deep, they had a Magna Pack Explosive that showed up in the hand....

Introducing the High Explosive HandOb Mod.

 Just a simple additional hand object graphic mod. Nothing else changes.

Cheers, Ivan :D

(Edited for clarity)

I have grenades explode on contact setting enabled. 

In the video below, I have a blasterPack (which is a mod that merges a blaster bomb and an HE Pack) that I set for a time of "2."  (this occurs during Xcom turn 6)

On the next turn, I set it down, and run away.  I expect that it will explode two turns later.
(this occurs during Xcom turn 7)

However, when I hit end turn, it immediately explodes.  (this occurs at the end of Xcom turn 7)

Is this an effect of the "explode on contact" setting?  Do longer timings work at all?

Edit: When I take the next BlasterPack that I had primed for 2 as well (at the same time as the prior one), and toss it, it immediately explodes..... XD (this during Xcom turn 8 )

Cheers, Ivan :D

Released Mods / [GRAPHICS] Medi-kit Hand Object
« on: November 11, 2014, 07:40:55 am »
So its been bugging me for quite a while.  The soldier carrying a medi-kit has to use the "grenade" hand object graphic, and that is just silly.

In Terror from the Deep, they had a medi-kit that showed up in the hand....

Why Can't OpenXcom, the Most moddable, wonderful, adorable, amazing game have the same thing?

Err.... they can?

Introducing the Medi-Kit HandOb Mod.  Just a simple additional hand object graphic mod. Nothing else changes.

Edit: Here is some in game footage from YouTube:

Cheers, Ivan :D

Offtopic / Thank you OpenXcom!!! #1ksub
« on: November 03, 2014, 04:32:23 pm »
A quick thank you to this awesome community, for all the engagement, education, and entertainment that this site and game provides!

I reached a really amazing milestone with my YouTube channel today and just wanted to say thank you so much! You are all terrific!! Cheers!

Released Mods / [COMMENDATIONS] UFOPedia Mod 3.1 (Updated by hellrazor)
« on: October 25, 2014, 06:21:40 am »
Edit by Meridian: latest version 3.1 is attached to this post:,3048.msg96071.html#msg96071

Edit: 7/16/2017  hellrazor graciously updated this mod for the latest nightly builds.  (Thanks!!)  I've added it the to this post as
To use the newest build, ignore any instructions below from earlier versions of this mod.  If you have a Nightly version newer than June 20, 2017 simply unzip into your Mods folder and enable from the Main Menu (Advanced>Mods).  There is no more need for Shoe's custom .exe because Soldier Diaries and Commendations code has been integrated into the nightlies.

Edit: 11/28/2015 With  Stat-Tracking now merged into the Nightlies, I have uploaded the Medal Template file that I used in creating the UFOPEDIA medal images.  Feel free to use it to create your own awesome medals!!! :)

Commendations UFOPedia Read Me:

What is this mod all about?

This mod is a supplement to the excellent mod by Shoes called Commendations.  Commendations relies on a custom executable for OpenXcom called Stats/Soldier Diaries  (<< this is a link. Click it.).  Together these mods from Shoes track a soldier's combat history and the Commendations mod, awards them medals based upon time in service, number and type of kills etc.


This Commedations UFOPedia Mod aims to make this experience a little more immersive by adding a section in the UFOPedia that explains the different awards in greater detail with additional flair text.

What is included?

The first thing that is included is the "/Resources/Medals" folder.  In this folder are all of the back ground images for the UFOPedia entries.  These have custom artwork with enlarged ribbons and medallions for each commendation.

There is also a new ruleset: CommendationsUFOpedia.rul which sets up the UFOPedia sections and adds all the flavor text. 

What changed in this mod?

There is only one change that this mod makes to the vanilla commendations mod.  Two of the commendation ribbons are switched to match the new UFOpedia images:
   Honor Cross  (/Commendations/medal_105.png )
   Weapon Proficiency   (/Commendations/medal_107.png)
   The images have been renamed and replaced in the /Commendations folder.

How do I use this?

Simply copy the /Resources/Medals and the /Resources/Commendations folder into your /Resources folder in your OpenXcom location.  Copy the rulesets into the corresponding /Rulesets location as well.  Enable the CommendationsUFOpedia mod in OpenXcom from the Options screen.

  • OpenXcom>Geoscape>Ufopedia>Weapons&Equipment
  • OpenXcom>Geoscape>Ufopedia>Commendation Entries
Once you are in OpenXcom from the Geoscape, open the Ufopaedia.  All Commendation entries are in the "Weapons and Equipment" section at the bottom of the list.   "Commendation Entries" Section.  Heavy Weapons Platforms have been moved to the previous category, in version 2.0 allowing for an entire section devoted to the Commendations.

I can see the Ufopedia Entries but there are no names or commendations for my soldiers! Help!  What do I do?

Set your language to English- US on the Video tab of the Options menu.  (Edit: Version 2.0 Now includes support for English - UK).

This mod needs Shoes' Stat Tracking/Soldier Diaries Mod. 
 It includes "Commendations."   My Commendations UfoPedia mod won't work with out them. :)  Please install Shoes' mod at this that link, then try Commendations Ufopedia again.


What is coming?

Shoes is planning on developing an additional UFOPedia section in his custom executable that will be specifically for commendations.    Version 2.0 now adds a "Commendation Entries" section to the UFOpedia and moves the HWPs to the first category.

Additionally, he may chose to merge this mod into his Commendations Mod.  At that point the CommendationsUFOpedia Mod will be obsolete and no longer needed.  I have made this a standalone mod for testing and distribution only, mostly as a way to give something back to this awesome project.

Can I modify this?

You are welcome to modify this in anyway.

Can I help?

The en-GB is a copy and paste in this mod  :-[ and could maybe use an overhaul.  It should be consistent with the vanilla Commendations mod ruleset en-GB, translation. 
Any and all other translation efforts are completely welcome.

Thanks to Shoes for the awesome Commedations Mod!  Thanks also to those folks in the forums that provided feedback and input as I tackled this project.  Some of these fine individuals are Dioxine, Xracer, Arthanor, falko, Solarius Scorch, XOps, Moriarty, RandomCommander, and Vulgar Monkey.

Is there anything else here?

Yes there is!  I have created another mini-mod with three new commendations.  They are included in a separate ruleset with resources.

The ruleset is Commendations_added_ID.rul.  This ruleset adds 3 additional commendations for a bit of extra immersion.  These are Sapper, Melee, and Sectopod.  Because the Melee kill award relies on custom weapons (combat knife, etc) I have separated these from the main ruleset.  You are certainly free to use them, or modify them etc.

With the modsite back up, I've posted this mod there as well. :

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