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X-COM now on

“Why is X-COM only available on Steam? Why do I have to get Steam to get X-COM? Why are these two things intrinsically linked? Why oh why must my life be filled with obstacles and peril?” you’ve told us for years.

Well, now you can also get it on Which is not Steam. In fact, it’s nothing like Steam. So, rejoice!

Scheduled website maintenance

NineX will be performing a server upgrade on 15th January 23h – 4h CET, during which the OpenXcom website and forums may be unavailable (as well as other hosted projects). The Windows Git Builder may suffer a longer period of downtime.

Third-party websites like the Mod Portal are not affected. If you need support you can reach us through the Contact icons on the sidebar.

Extra Life 2015

Stream’s over: Part 1 | Part 2 | Fanart
We reached the goal but you can still donate if you want, Extra Life lasts all year.

  • You can donate at any time before/during/after the stream.
  • I’ll be streaming all day and there’ll be a recording afterwards, so don’t worry about missing out.
  • You don’t need to have a Twitch account to watch the stream, but you do need one to be able to get notifications and join in the chat.
  • I can only name soldiers if I can see your names, I won’t be following comments here.
  • Don’t like the site? Pop out the player! Pop out the chat! Rearrange everything how you see fit!
  • Don’t like the chat? Connect through IRC!
  • Feel free to ask and request anything, have fun, and help sick kids!

Alien sighting

I’m attending Firaxicon (Baltimore MD, USA) on October 3 if anyone’s around and wants to meet up, after which I’ll return to my cave and never be seen again.

That’s it. I didn’t wanna distract you from your TFTD.

Terror from the Deep now available in the nightlies!

DISCLAIMER: This is not a final release! We did not ignore all your feedback for the last year! There will still be many more fixes and additions before the next milestone!

Due to popular demand and the satisfactory performance of Terror from the Deep in the stream olympics, we have decided to unleash it onto the nightly builds so that everyone can try it out. Our goal here is to get as much testing of vanilla TFTD and make sure it’s fully playable from start to end, before you all decide to mod the crap out of it. 😛 Please report all bugs and inaccuracies here, and let me remind you the game being too hard / too easy does not count.

Installation Instructions for 1.0 users:

  • A clean install is recommended. Extract the ZIP separately from 1.0 and reset your options to default.
  • Put your UFO game files in “openxcom/ufo/” and your TFTD game files in “openxcom/tftd/”.
  • Mods go in their own folders in “<save folder>/mods”. More details here.
  • You can switch between games in Options > Mods. Note that UFO mods aren’t compatible with TFTD and vice-versa.

With all that out of the way… enjoy like these fine folk have!

OpenXcom is broken! Warboy, what have you done?


As of today’s code changes, all current installations, configs, and mods are now “outdated”.
The data folder is a thing of the past, so installation instructions for up-to-date versions will need to be updated to reflect the new changes.

In a nutshell, Xcom data goes in the /UFO/ folder now, not in the /data/ folder.

Mod installation and standardisation has also changed drastically, more details can be found HERE.

And i guess here’s some screenshots of TFTD to whet your appetites.

IMPORTANT: TFTD is still not fully supported, and cannot be enabled yet.