Scheduled website maintenance

NineX will be performing a server upgrade on 15th January 23h – 4h CET, during which the OpenXcom website and forums may be unavailable (as well as other hosted projects). The Windows Git Builder may suffer a longer period of downtime.

Third-party websites like the Mod Portal are not affected. If you need support you can reach us through the Contact icons on the sidebar.

5 thoughts on “Scheduled website maintenance

  1. Stevo

    “NineX will be performing a server upgrade on 15th November 23h – 4h CET,”?
    Did you mean 15th January?

  2. SupSuper Post author

    Durrrr yes. And he’s already done anyways, that’ll teach me to write a news post. 😛

  3. Christopher Drosos

    hey guys, why the installer needs internet cpnnection? can you provide an offline installer? i want to play xcom with a friend and he dont have internet

  4. SupSuper Post author

    @Christopher: Don’t install any “extras” in the installer or use the ZIP downloads.

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