Happy 2016 from the OpenXcom team!

Screenshot from UFO Redux

Hope you have a good time celebrating, wherever you are, whatever you are. Here’s to one more year of rookies getting sniped on the Skyranger ramp.

9 thoughts on “Happy 2016 from the OpenXcom team!

  1. IvanDogovich

    2015 has been a great year! Thanks to SupSuper and Warboy for all your amazing work and all of the other terrific collaborators that have made this project a work of art! You have truly breathed life into an amazing classic, but not only that, in the process you have made an incredibly flexible platform that has allowed an incredible diversity of expression and creativity! Looking forward to another Awesome 2016!!
    Ivan 😀

  2. Papamaanbeer

    great work guys

    love seeing this game popup on Twitch more and more.

    keep up the good work.

    and i really need to go check the android version in the forum again.

    all the best for 2016

  3. Stevo

    Ivan said it all: Thank you so much. 2015 has been a great year already! Looking forward to another Awesome 2016!!

  4. Jag

    Thank you guys, keeping our niche alive and kicking. Only now please make applying mods simpler. Mod Manager perhaps. Since OTFTD released, I’ve learned the changes, but still, it should be something better.


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