OpenXcom requires a vanilla version of the original UFO: Enemy Unknown / X-COM: UFO Defense (any edition) with the latest patch. It is not compatible with other games in the X-COM series. If you don’t own a copy, you can buy it from one of these retailers.

Do not use modded versions of X-COM, as they may be incompatible with OpenXcom.

Check the Installation documentation for more details.



These builds are automatically generated from the codebase, so they have the latest fixes and updates as well as the latest bugs. Use these to try the latest features or check if a bug is obsolete. Do not install these on top of 1.0!

Windows Mac OS X Linux

Maintained by SupSuper

The EXE version has an installer while the ZIP version is standalone. For more details see the FAQ. Latest version is at the top and includes all previous versions:

Tiaan Louw, Sun Jul 24 12:26:24 2022
Change #ifdef check for debug builds to more compatible version.

Also, the _DEBUG check doesn't seem to work for CMake builds.

Meridian, Mon Oct 24 10:55:48 2022
requires is a keyword in cpp20

Ulrich Spörlein, Sun Jul 31 11:54:24 2022
Fix build warnings on recent Clang

This removes an unused field and fixes the initialization order in a

SupSuper, Tue Aug 16 10:29:39 2022
Fix TFTD Ufopaedia text height (part 2)

SupSuper, Tue Aug 16 10:29:04 2022
- Fix missing TFTD intercept track
- Add "name" property to music tracks (so you can either rename the tracks or set them in the ruleset)

SupSuper, Mon Aug 8 09:55:49 2022
Fix TFTD Ufopaedia text height

Delian0, Wed Jul 6 07:33:27 2022
lowAccuracyHitCounter fix (#1344)

* lowAccuracyHitCounter fix

lowAccuracyHitCounter should take battleUFOExtenderAccuracy into account

Closes issue #1266

Dan Church, Fri May 20 20:18:36 2022
Add corrected man page installation

Use GNUInstallDirs to determine location, which allows overriding by
package maintainers.

Yankes, Sat Apr 23 16:09:38 2022
Add more support for diffrent OXC engine versions

Ulrich Spörlein, Tue Jan 19 10:38:13 2021
Remove the half-assed manpage installation

It's the wrong destination for some distributions (there's no one true
standard, apparently) and it's not even compressed. Let package
maintainers deal with this.

Reported by: viy2

Ulrich Spörlein, Sat Jan 16 21:13:34 2021
Set the default cmake build type to Release

This should help with the transition from autotools where that is the
default. It should stop issues like #1284 and #1292 and these can be
considered closed.

Deimos715, Sun Jan 9 11:53:35 2022
Update URLs to HTTPS

This PR changes remaining URLs in to HTTPS for security reasons.

Warboy1982, Tue Dec 21 11:39:06 2021
fix for previous fix, accounting for 3d explosions

Warboy1982, Mon Dec 20 15:18:28 2021
parental advisory: contains explicit code

Warboy1982, Mon Dec 20 15:03:07 2021
fix ground zero tile calculation

Mac OS X
Maintained by Various

Check here for app builds.

Maintained by Krzysztof “Knapsu” Knapik

Download AppImage file, make it executable, and run. No need to install.
You can read more about the AppImage format here:

DateGit CommitDownloads
2021-06-11 8d45159bf 64-bit 32-bit
2021-06-08 f3eea81ed 64-bit 32-bit
2021-05-27 390ed6866 64-bit 32-bit
2021-05-16 765d67dfe 64-bit 32-bit
2021-05-13 eacdad08e 64-bit 32-bit