OpenXcom requires a vanilla version of the original UFO: Enemy Unknown / X-COM: UFO Defense (any edition) with the latest patch. It is not compatible with other games in the X-COM series. If you don’t own a copy, you can buy it from one of these retailers.

Do not use modded versions of X-COM, as they may be incompatible with OpenXcom.

Check the Installation documentation for more details.



These builds are automatically generated from the codebase, so they have the latest fixes and updates as well as the latest bugs. Use these to try the latest features or check if a bug is obsolete. Do not install these on top of 1.0!

Windows Mac OS X Linux Ubuntu / Mint

Maintained by SupSuper

The EXE version has an installer while the ZIP version is standalone. For more details see the FAQ. Latest version is at the top and includes all previous versions:

SupSuper, Thu Aug 9 05:34:57 2018
Tell players where the log file actually is.

Should make it easier for Linux users to find out where their particular distro expects the data files to be.

SupSuper, Thu Aug 9 05:09:35 2018
Update SDLmain.m to latest SDL

SupSuper, Thu Aug 9 04:58:49 2018
Fix crash / freeze when loading a save during a dogfight

Daniel, Thu Aug 9 01:59:11 2018
Merge pull request #1193 from scarabeusiv/master

Update ax_check_gl from autoconf-archive
Tomáš Chvátal, Wed Aug 1 12:33:11 2018
Update ax_check_gl from autoconf-archive

warboy1982, Fri Aug 3 12:35:27 2018
landed UFOs don't self-destruct

XCom has to do that for them

SupSuper, Mon Jul 30 22:37:46 2018

SupSuper, Mon Jul 30 22:09:53 2018
Apple apple apple

Daniel, Mon Jul 30 21:42:07 2018
Merge pull request #1192 from adesst/adesst_glshader

&glXXXVarName always has memory address value as it already initialized
adesanto asman, Sun Jul 29 11:40:10 2018
&glXXXVarName always has memory address value as it already initialized
at src/Engine/OpenGL.cpp L81:101 in non-apple platform

This raise warning, GCC 4.9.2-10, that treated as error as a result
of -Werror flag

src/Engine/OpenGL.cpp:436:40: error: the address of ‘OpenXcom::glCreateProgram’ will always evaluate as ‘true’ [-Werror=address]

Daniel, Sun Jul 29 02:17:17 2018
Merge pull request #1191 from rcreasey/readme_update

Readme update
Ryan C. Creasey, Sun Jul 29 00:03:07 2018
Fixing the instructions to reflect the bundling build process.

Ryan C. Creasey, Sun Jul 29 00:00:05 2018
renaming this.

Daniel, Sat Jul 28 23:12:18 2018
Merge pull request #1190 from rcreasey/macos_updates

Cleaning up OSX build steps
Ryan C. Creasey, Sat Jul 28 20:27:19 2018
Re-adding the SDL overrides to make data bundling possible again.

Ryan C. Creasey, Fri Jul 27 10:10:13 2018
Removing SDLMain boilerplate and adding source_path for Xcode

Ryan C. Creasey, Fri Jul 27 09:08:33 2018
Cleaning up osx build instructions and old osx artifacts

Ryan C. Creasey, Fri Jul 27 06:52:42 2018
Do not ignore build artifacts (use git clean -fd to remove them)

SupSuper, Thu Jul 26 22:28:00 2018
More OSX Cmake fixes

SupSuper, Tue Jul 24 05:00:39 2018
Clean up warnings

Daniel, Thu Jul 26 07:34:53 2018
Merge pull request #1189 from dopplershift/mac-icon

Make CMake include the icon in the Mac bundle
Ryan May, Wed Jul 25 21:51:43 2018
Add some more files to .gitignore

Ryan May, Wed Jul 25 21:38:09 2018
Make CMake include the icon in the Mac bundle

Mac OS X
Maintained by Various

Check here for app builds.

Maintained by Krzysztof “Knapsu” Knapik

Download AppImage file, make it executable, and run. No need to install.
You can read more about the AppImage format here:

DateGit CommitDownloads
2018-08-12 5105bcecb 64-bit 32-bit
2018-08-04 b1916e873 64-bit 32-bit
2018-07-31 2084a0f84 64-bit 32-bit
2018-07-29 f5e4ca9ff 64-bit 32-bit
2018-07-27 14757b2be 64-bit 32-bit
2018-07-24 fb1401e07 64-bit 32-bit
2018-07-22 ac1b8274b 64-bit 32-bit
2018-07-21 1a1fe3fc2 64-bit 32-bit
2018-07-20 c786ac126 64-bit 32-bit
2018-07-19 773fd1cd5 64-bit 32-bit
2018-07-18 e7d728fd8 64-bit 32-bit
2018-07-10 49119b216 64-bit 32-bit
2018-07-09 642c7bbbf 64-bit 32-bit
2018-07-07 9c71d43d6 64-bit 32-bit
2018-07-06 b31a99228 64-bit 32-bit
2018-06-23 582d81e36 64-bit 32-bit
2018-06-08 57a10ae13 64-bit 32-bit
2018-05-10 57a10ae13 64-bit 32-bit
2018-05-01 8d5957892 64-bit 32-bit
2018-04-28 30de9d2bb 64-bit 32-bit
2018-04-27 8c6284f08 64-bit 32-bit
2018-04-26 61caccdba 64-bit 32-bit
2018-04-24 1805ec99f 64-bit 32-bit
2018-04-23 ac7bd8de0 64-bit 32-bit
2018-04-10 80d8e9ff4 64-bit 32-bit
2018-04-09 245ce6a48 64-bit 32-bit
2018-03-28 3502bfecd 64-bit 32-bit
2018-03-21 7478b2987 64-bit 32-bit
2018-03-18 1b4c1c77e 64-bit 32-bit
2018-03-17 ea9ac4662 64-bit 32-bit
2018-03-11 330c21821 64-bit 32-bit
2018-03-10 d2394dd82 64-bit 32-bit
2018-03-09 5fda38dd5 64-bit 32-bit
2018-03-06 6fd360300 64-bit 32-bit
2018-03-05 f75f02e1a 64-bit 32-bit
2018-02-22 bbe2d9db0 64-bit 32-bit
2018-02-17 3969f48e3 64-bit 32-bit
2018-01-28 b14891626 64-bit 32-bit
2018-01-27 c3ea24466 64-bit 32-bit
2018-01-21 2eaaf484c 64-bit 32-bit
2018-01-19 92495e5f1 64-bit 32-bit
2018-01-18 8a82c9702 64-bit 32-bit
2018-01-07 0eb8d9cb4 64-bit 32-bit
2018-01-05 c3280c589 64-bit 32-bit

Ubuntu / Mint
Maintained by Krzysztof “Knapsu” Knapik

Available on a dedicated PPA repository. Please do the following in a terminal:

# sudo add-apt-repository ppa:knapsu/openxcom-beta
# sudo apt-get update
# sudo apt-get install openxcom