Soldier Diaries are here!

Possibly one of the longest-running OpenXcom code mods is Soldier Diaries / Commendations, which keeps detailed stats of all your missions, allowing you to revisit your successes and failures anytime you want. Mostly failures.

However, being a separate branch meant it always trailed behind the official version, leading to many old bugs, compatibility problems and installation difficulties keeping players from trying it out. But no longer! Soldier Diaries has now been integrated into the official version, so now everyone can crack open the spreadsheets and write fanfics about their soldiers.

16 thoughts on “Soldier Diaries are here!

  1. Sam

    Guess I learned a new word today 🙂

    Why such an obscure word? Why not something more like Effectiveness?

  2. corocoro

    1. Because it fits.
    2. Because it fits into the space on the button. “Performance” is already getting close width-wise and “Effectiveness” is even longer. 😉

  3. John

    This is fantastic, and the fact that TFTD works now is just a dream come true, but I have two bug bears that I’d like answered for.
    First off, how do I get the “Awards” tab to appear when looking at a soldier’s diary? Only efficacy & performance are showing up.
    Second, how would one go about getting the Gravis UltraSound music for TFTD to work? It uses the soundblaster music for the moment, which is nowhere near as good as the GUS equivalents.

  4. Redruth

    Help one of my soldiers went upstairs in a terror then the stairs disappeared, I sent a dog up to see where the stairs were and she got stuck upstairs as well had to cower in a corner while soldier with heavy weapon made a hole for them to jump out.
    Also found alien base before after two small cups.

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