End-game statistics

After losing (or maybe even winning) the game over and over, you ever wondered how well you actually did?


Because I’m nothing if not shameless in stealing other games’ good ideas. 😛

4 thoughts on “End-game statistics

  1. kkmic

    Does this mean that OXC 2.0 will be officially released soon?

    No Valve Time estimates please.

  2. HalpMasers

    I love this stuff! Congrats on this development. I think it would be fun to see this info screen at any time too!
    What other fun stuff? : Non-Idle time in geoscape/battlescape, total mouse clicks in each, blaster bombs fired/missed target, most effective alien weapon, live/dead aliens carried manually in battlescape, x-com operatives healed in battlescape, batscape missions aborted, soldiers MIA, damaged ufos escaped, most popular city that aliens attacked, most popular country for alien bases, number of fully remote controlled battlescape missions (only hwp’s)..number of captured xarquids rehabilitated to work as receptionists in access lifts..

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