X-COM now on GOG.com

“Why is X-COM only available on Steam? Why do I have to get Steam to get X-COM? Why are these two things intrinsically linked? Why oh why must my life be filled with obstacles and peril?” you’ve told us for years.

Well, now you can also get it on GOG.com. Which is not Steam. In fact, it’s nothing like Steam. So, rejoice!

4 thoughts on “X-COM now on GOG.com

  1. George

    This is such great news! Also, great job everyone – I have been able to share X-Com with my oldest two (10, 7) in a really great way (with my old CD) thanks to Open X-Com.

    Ever thought about Open Laser Squad Nemesis…? 😀

  2. Henry Wilhelmsen

    Hi. I love this work of yours.
    I have XCom Ufo Defence & XCom Terror from the Deep on CD, and bought it on Steam and also bought them on GOG. It is a great classic game. OpenXCom works fine in Windows XP & 7 & 10. Keep up this great work of yours.

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