Original X-COM free for 48 hours!

I’m sure you already have enough X-COM copies to build a small fort, but everyone wants me to tell you about this so I’m telling you about it.

Courtesy of Humble Bundle, you can get a copy of X-COM: UFO Defense (UFO: Enemy Unknown) for free until February 1st 6pm GMT: https://www.humblebundle.com/store/xcom-ufo-defense-free-game (activated via Steam)

Tell your friends so they can build a small fort too.

8 thoughts on “Original X-COM free for 48 hours!

  1. darklord

    You may need steam to download it, but you don’t need steam to run it. Go to the installation folder, take the files, and run it with your own dosbox/openxcom installation.

  2. JoeOperz

    Yep, I only run it on Steam to show friends I’m an X-COM veteran, otherwise I can play directly without DRM.

  3. ian

    i downloaded game from steam but window is tiny and doesn’t show very much.how can I expand the game window.any tips would be appreciated

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