We don’t run the Mod Portal

Yes, we know the Mod PortalĀ is down. No, it’s not just you, it’s down for everyone. You can stop telling us about it. There is literally nothing we can do about it. The mod site is unofficial, run by a third-party, is completely outside our jurisdiction and we can provide no support whatsoever. The same goes for mods in general.

In the meantime you can use the forums, all the cool kids hang around there, or so I hear.

12 thoughts on “We don’t run the Mod Portal

  1. darkestaxe

    I just wanted to report a broken link on the sidebar, “MODS” just goes to some “Website is offline | Error:523”

    In all seriousness most of the core modders post often in Modding/Experiments or Completed Mods sections of the site.

    The guys who do run the mod site will probably make a thread soon and get it stickied.

    So check the forums!

  2. kkmic

    @Sup: I know the mod portal is unnofficial-ish, but having the link in the main menu among other official links makes it look official. No wonder people are complaining about it in the forums.

  3. Rovlad

    So I heard that after all our accurate and timely reports some sites on the intrawebs are still down.
    Are you going to do your job or what?

  4. Rovlad

    I didn’t mean to post the self-conceited jerkoff post above. Please ignore it.

    Honest, I hope Joshua is okay. This website was his dream and we appreciate him creating it for us to share mods in the quality of the Nexus. Well almost, not quite close in options, but visually, the modsite is beautiful and pays homage to this oldschool game.


  5. N Forcer

    I think he’s on vacation. Not too long ago, he did mention in the rack forums about wanting to take a nice long break away from everything. He’s probably in Vegas right now hahaha refreshing himself and staying away from the keyboard since he hasn’t replied to my messages. When he gets back, “crap, how long was the modsite down for!?” lmao.

  6. nullzero

    What if he was alien abducted and the mod site was taken down due to alien infiltration after failing to intercept all those ufos in superhuman?

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