Return of the Extra Life live stream

Extra Life is a video game marathon where gamers all around the world play games for 24h in order to raise money to support children’s hospitals. Last year we played a bunch of OpenXcom and raised a bunch of money and it was pretty cool, so I figured we’ll do it again this year!

However I am still terrible at planning things out, so take all of this with a grain of salt:

  • I’ll be streaming this weekend (25th-26th October), starting at around 3-4PM GMT each day, taking breaks for sleeping/eating/etc.
  • I’ll be playing DOS games, whatever takes people’s fancy, though it’ll probably end up being an X-COM game marathon since that’s what you guys expect from me. 😛
  • I’ll have various online friends commentating with me, Warboy will show up as well when he’s available, so feel free to ask us about OpenXcom or whatever.

Here’s my Extra Life page where you can read more and donate at any time, and here’s my page where I’ll be streaming. I recommend registering to Twitch so you can subscribe to be notified when I go live, and hang out in chat with all the cool kids (if you have trouble with the website, you can use their IRC).

4 thoughts on “Return of the Extra Life live stream

  1. Purist

    Stick with games that will bring in the money, abandonware as Ryan said. Make sure they don’t look like crap, pick games with visual enjoyment. I enjoy old crap, but nothing in the atari era. So good luck, may the force be with you, and I’ll try to be there to at least donate a few dollars.

  2. SupSuper Post author

    @Ryan @Purist: Oh don’t worry, I have more DOS games than you can shake a stick at, but I’m sure the focus will end up being X-COM. 😛

    @Gervase: GMT, sorry I forgot, added it to the post. 🙂

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