OpenXcom 1.0

5224 commits.
1843 days.
606 resolved issues since v0.9.
20 years of X-COM.

Download | Changelog

More platforms coming soon. For those making the ports, don’t forget to include the extra translations with your release. There’s also a Source Tarball available with it all included.

For those upgrading, it’s recommended you uninstall any old versions first. 0.9 saves should still work fine though.

Special thanks to every single one of you that has helped make this happen. Yes, even you. And you. Not you though. Oh what the hell, it’s a special day, you’re all thanked.

Shout out to Xenonauts for also releasing 1.0 recently. It’s been a good time for X-COM fans.

Edit: For those that are having trouble downloading, we have added some mirrors, so try again if the current mirror is not working.

56 thoughts on “OpenXcom 1.0

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  3. Benjamin Gibbons

    Is anyone working on a iOS compatible version on com ufo defence? I really wanna play this game again. Fonda memories as a teenage playing this game to desth

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