Quick Update

Wow thanks for all the support everyone, glad you’re enjoying it. Here’s an update on some common issues people are encountering:

Antivirus: If you experience any issues with downloading or installing the game, such as the link getting blocked, file getting deleted, etc, disable your virus scanner. Since the file is relatively new and obscure, a lot of antivirus will flag it as suspicious, but there is nothing wrong with it. This seems to be mostly happening with Avast users, if you wanna help out, you can report the false positive to them.

Windows users: Some mod files were missing from the installer, nothing serious, but it’s recommended you redownload and run it again to make sure you don’t experience any issues with the built-in mods. The standalone ZIP packages aren’t affected by this.

Tablet users: If you are experiencing problems with scrolling on a touch screen, try this version and let us know if it fixes your problem: https://openxcom.org/forum/index.php?topic=2269.0

Ports: Mac OS X and Linux builds are now available! Note that every Linux distro works differently, and I can’t possibly keep up with them all, so when in doubt, check your repositories for any “openxcom” packages that might already be available. Be sure to check the version number thoo, as some distros might still have outdated v0.9 packages, which don’t include all the new features. And if you really can’t find any packages, it’s not that hard to compile it yourself.

There’s also a third-party Android build, if you’re feeling highly edgy and experimental. We don’t support it, but hey if it lets you play X-COM on the go, how bad can it be. 😉


9 thoughts on “Quick Update

  1. Tony Soprano

    Thanks a lot for this great game!
    I have a problem running OpenXcom on my mac: “Library not loaded: /usr/local/lib/libSDL_image-1.2.0.dylib”.
    Version 0.9 worked without any problems. Can someone help me please?

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  3. StarMox

    You guys are amazing. Not only did you provide excellent 1.0 build on numerous platforms, but you also support and look towards tablets. (My Asus T100 and openxcom, am I in dreamland? :))

  4. Ruppertus

    Hi Guys,

    Why don’t you just add md5sum of each archive in download section of the website, so that everyone will be sure that he/she has got the same not corrupted file that you published.

    Best regards

    P.S. Great work. I can’t wait for Terror from the deep!!! 🙂 Any news about the roadmap?

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