Mod Portal currently down

The unofficial Mod Portal is currently experiencing technical difficulties. In the meantime we recommend you use theĀ Completed Mods forum instead to post or download the latest mods. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Edit: Crisis averted, the Mod Portal is back up and running.

4 thoughts on “Mod Portal currently down

  1. Jo5hua

    Yup! It sure does exist. The mod portal can be viewed at and is serving as a repository for all files relating to OpenXCom and even XCom vanilla.

    We went live about a month and a half ago and have a few bugs with are being ironed out.. Though you can already find and download the most popular mods on the mod portal.

  2. Hoth

    I see it working now heck yeah looks cool. do I need to sign up to download new mods?? I guess I can find out hoho

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