11 thoughts on “Mac update

  1. Kamachi

    Question, is the modding site registration working? Seems to be taking its sweet time sending that e-mail. I wanna start reviewing mods already. nothing in main or junk. also checked the e-mail I entered, it’s all good.


  2. SupSuper Post author

    Yes, though Steam only lets you download the original X-COM from a Windows device, so you probably need to use either BootCamp or Wine or etc. to get it.

  3. darkestaxe

    If your steam client won’t download the files then you can copy them from a friends computer or just take the necessary files from alternative distribution methods.

  4. darkestaxe

    DISCLAIMER: The previous post is my personal response to the situation and is not representative of the advice of SupSuper or the OpenXcom team, Ninex, or anyone else.

  5. Istrebitel

    There’s nothing wrong in using pirated game version if you legally own the game. The one who violates the law is the distributor of illegal copy.

  6. Felix

    Bought the game from steam on a friends pc, put it on a memory stick together with openxcom and just transferred the files to my mac. Works great. You fixed all the oddities that annoyed me in the vanilla version. A great game made even better. Thanks!

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