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  1. Kamachi

    I checked to see if I received my e-mail to join the modding site, still nothing.

    So I try making another account using my e-mail again. I typed it in and double checked it. It says “An account exists with the email you entered. Forgot password?”, so it did work the first time I tried it. Just no confirmation e-mail.

    I click on that but it only takes me to the login page. So I can’t get the password I put on the first try days ago(I forgot what it was). It’s alright, I’ll just be downloading mods and I can’t be socially part of the modding site. I suppose I could join the forums.

    Thanks ya’ll

  2. Kamachi

    Anyways on-topic, I probably won’t watch the whole 16 hours, especially after the Steam sale, bought 33 games. but I shall watch the battlescape missions.

  3. Kamachi

    I have a suggestion. to not confuse you when researching and you have multiple bases. gray out the research tab until you build a lab. this will help early on and on bases where I always focus on engineering and I always somehow press research on the wrong base as Jadestar does.

  4. Kamachi

    last one for the site. put a line between 1.0 and Nightly build so people understand there’s a difference between them.

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