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  1. Arclite

    I’m really loving OpenXCom. I didn’t replay XCom for 10 years b/c I just didn’t want to deal with the old resolution and all the quirks and bugs in the original. You guys have addressed nearly all of them, and it’s fantastic. Currently in month 7 of an “experienced” run and having a time of it. Assaulted an alien base and captured the base, but lost 11 soldiers. Classic XCom! With the bugs fixed, I’m so surprised that this holds up, but it’s fantastic. And the Android version is great! If a bit tricky. So, you have my eternal gratitude. Thanks!

  2. Skybirduk

    This is great news. Does this mean that there will be no “Terror From the Bugs” anymore?

  3. Danny

    Wow – is that a high res feature that will work with regular OpenXCOM as well? It would be awesome to try OpenXCOM in a whopping 640×480!
    (Or 640×400, depending on whether the original res is screen mode 13 or more modern 4:3)

  4. SupSuper Post author

    @Davide: We only do vanilla, it’s up to the modders if they want something else. 😛

    @Danny: The high-res feature has been in since 1.0, just change the Battlescape Scale.

  5. Andrew

    Excellent news! I’m having a great time atm playing through a veteran UFO game. I’ve managed to get several hyperwave detectors up and running by mid-late April due to getting lucky with several landed supply ships. The aliens must be World Cup fans as they’re al flocking to Brazil =P

    The (attempted) improvements to the research tree and the setting give TFTD the edge over UFO imo.

    How do you intend to tackle the infamous research bugs?

    A checklist style system where already completed research doesn’t impede progress, perhaps? i.e. Live Deep One, Lobsterman Commander, Tasoth commander

    Or something a bit closer to vanilla where two live commanders are needed for: “The Ultimate Threat” & “T’Leth”

  6. Danny

    That is awesome! Thanks!

    Would be interesting if you needed to consider
    suits for various missions:
    Terezia Kun/Soldr has drowned!

    Or extra TU ticking away because the resort/harbor terrorizer mission doesn’t require scuba gear.

  7. The Janitor

    PRAISE THEE! Now obviously the next step is to combine the two into one scenario that uses assets from both of the games! Some serious hardmode boiling in that idea.

    Chryssalids on the cruise ship!

  8. Robert

    Hi Guys, Great news guys.
    Is it possible that you may provide a road map. I know that it’s difficult for you to tell about some time lines, but if you could just describe what are you going to do in the next few weeks/months.
    It would be also great if you could write an short guide how to contribute (how to setup a project, what to do, etc.)

  9. Brian

    Hats off to everyone involved in OpenXcom.

    My greatest thanks.

    You’ve kept my dream game alive. And even made it better than I could have imagined!

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

    Love always,


  10. dr_frost_dk

    Im seeing another donation going through soon :), AWESOME work, im still enjoying playing OpenXCOM, it is still impressive how you made one of the greatest games better, still takes me back to when i played it on 386 & 486 when i bought it WAY BACK in the 90′ 🙂

    And REALLY looking forward to play Terror from the Deep again also 🙂

  11. cyberlaw4

    It’s the best event in gameworld – reincarnation of X-COM series
    New X-COM is crap compared with classic
    I wish you all the best and hope to see in the future my favorite X-COM: Apocalypse 🙂
    May the power of universe be with you guys!

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