Rethinking the save screen

Ever since OpenXcom has added support to infinite saves, it’s been a bit of a mixed bag. Having a lot more saves means a lot more stuff to manage. Some people missed the custom ordering of the original 1-10 system. Some people wanted more details to sort out their saves. Some people kept messing up their save names. Some people just kept getting lost in it all. So here’s a recap of all the changes to it since 0.9.

One of the problems was save names are the same as file names, and while this makes it easy to find your saves in the OpenXcom folder (as opposed to figuring out what GAME_5 is all about), it meant you couldn’t use any characters invalid in a filename. So now the actual name is stored in the save, so you can type in whatever you want, and the filename is just a sanitized version of that. We also resolved a bunch of issues with unintended renames, overwrites, Unicode, etc. (eg. if you accidentally name two saves the same, you’ll just get two saves with the same name instead of randomly losing one)

Another problem was saves were only shown alphabetically, so you quickly lost track of what save came first/last, and if you had a bunch of saves running, the Geoscape date didn’t help any. So now the save list can be sorted by file name and date, similar to file explorers and modern games, so you can easily see the latest/oldest saves, or use some alphabetical system instead (to avoid confusion, the file dates are shown in ISO format, different from the Geoscape date). The Geoscape date column wasn’t really useful for sorting so it was dropped.

Finally, if all this is not enough and you’re just really bad at naming saves, we also show you some extra save info. Hovering over a save will tell you if it’s a Geoscape or Battlescape save, and the respective Geoscape date or Battlescape mission turn. Hopefully that helps clear it up for you.

12 thoughts on “Rethinking the save screen

  1. Domsson

    Hooray for ISO dates! Don’t we all love standards? I certainly do!

    Yeah, and great work there in general. 🙂

  2. Don

    Next on your list is to add a button on the crew and equipment screen that takes you to the soldier screen to easily look up stats and change names. In the equip soldier screen, add more stat information?

    I also would love to have an option that lets me equip all soldiers with armor instead of doing it one at a time. Or if I can choose an armor and then take me to a soldier list highlighting which ones I want equipped.

    That’s all for now. Gameplay is good right now, just need ways to make the game less annoying when you’re spending a half-hour customizing your soldier’s names and equipment before sending them to die. I’ll be back.

  3. SuperVGA

    I wish I was a Don too, so I could order the devs around.
    Anyways, kudos on all the progress and your hard work. Gotta love ol’ ISO 8601. 🙂

  4. zweifutzer

    Why don’t you say anything about “new battle mode”?

    >Warboy, Sun Feb 9 01:45:46 2014
    >Fix Forest terrain in new battle mode.

  5. Warboy1982

    @ zweifutzer

    when selected in new battle mode, forest terrain was defaulting to jungle terrain. this is now fixed.

  6. Don

    I meant to type that in a friendly happy fun time way. My name is Don too.

    I just seen some touch screen monitors for sale at the local electronics store. Anyone try playing with one of those? Wish one of my lads had a touch screen monitor, so I can try XCOM with it. Might be good to play on.

  7. Smelly

    if I edit the rul and nam files with txt file will the files still work?? i have never done this but i want to mess with the rulesets and learn modding this way maybe.

  8. Warboy1982

    @Smelly sure it will!
    make sure you’re on the latest nightly, and head over to the forums. there’s a whole section dedicated to modding with discussions, guides and examples.

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