10 thoughts on “Jade Star streaming OpenXcom with mods

  1. Aquarium78

    Good work. Waiting for another part. To be frankly, I’ve never thought seriously about modding this game, despite of playing it from release on Amiga’s 🙂 Grenade launchers are an awesome addon. Aliens without PSI are cannon fodder now…

  2. Randy

    he didn’t get far enough to show the Helm-off Power Suit. Did this mod remove the helmets?? thats the dumbest thing I ever heard! they wanna try hollywood so everyone see there faces but expose them to headsoots. unreal!

  3. A kind contributor

    First, I couldn’t listen to the nasal fuck for more than two seconds.
    Second, what’s the point of removing helmets from Power Suit? If you can’t tell the difference between FS and PS on the inventory screen, you have to be clinically retarded.

  4. Jade Star

    Dear a Kind Contributor,

    Get Fucked.

    Are you an idiot? Who, in the entire stream, ever said anything about not being able to tell the difference between Personal armor and Power armor? The mod is an aesthetic choice, because I think the original googly eyes of the power suit armor are silly looking.

    Also you should be nicer to SupSuper for making OpenXcom than to insult his voice.

  5. Otto Zander

    A kind contributer’s comments make me laugh at how unnecessarily pissy a guy can be, even three months later.

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