OpenXcom stream for Extra Life charity

Hey everyone, me and Warboy will be doing an OpenXcom live stream this Sunday (3rd November) 3pm GMT for the Extra Life charity to help support sick kids in hospitals (we are specifically targeting international efforts so everyone benefits).

Feel free to join us, ask questions, laugh at my incompetence, and of course donate to the charity. This is not your typical Jade stream, so the commentary won’t be as stellar, but hey, it’s for the kids!

Edit: Stream is over, thanks to everyone that joined in, we had a blast! We ended up doing a Superhuman Ironman run as the chat requested. Here’s the outcome.

6 thoughts on “OpenXcom stream for Extra Life charity

  1. lahtis

    Im getting error in libyaml-cpp file, when im running a openxcom game. Game version is 0.9+20131010-1~quantal1.

    libyaml-cpp version is 0.5.1
    yaml-cpp: error at line 1, column 62: unknown escape character: ]

  2. xracer

    Well sucks not being constantly connected, I hope you guys had a good time, i just read about it on FB, I am glad you guys did something like this.

  3. Warboy1982

    @lahtis: this is hardly the place for bug reports, try the bug tracker or the forums.

    huge thanks to everyone who took part in this event, and to everyone who donated to the cause. the children thank you 🙂

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