12 thoughts on “The memorial

  1. MyThos


    Could we get some additional stats with it? Like rank, number of missions, number of kills (, type of mission the soldier died on). That would provide some additional fluff 🙂

  2. Shoes

    MyThos, I have a rudimentary mod already doing that, so I will try and work it into the memorial system. Something like being able to click the soldier and getting a pop up of his history.

  3. SuperVGA

    @Shoes, MyThos:
    How cool would it be to store information about the killing event, to give a roguelike sort of post-mortem?

    Sergeant Kieran Redwood.
    Shot by a FLOATER with a PLASMA RIFLE while LOW ON HEALTH from 95 yards (56% ACC SNAP SHOT), on a terror mission in CHICAGO. In his last turn, he walked 20 yards and crouched.
    He managed to kill 2 aliens in total.

    That would be awesome. Of course, collecting extensive information about the soldier is a bigger task…

  4. Qpoter

    Actually, what would better is if we could write our own sort of personal memo for each soldier – say, in a large text field. This wouldn’t be too difficult, provided we remember what actually happened to said soldier. This, of course, would be paired with the actual stats of the soldier prior to death.

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