9 thoughts on “Woo sliders!

  1. teethgrinder

    Haha. I understand your enthusiasm, and it is certainly a cause for celebration.

    But you’re ruining the “experience” of transferring excess Elerium and alloys to other bases!

  2. jakub13121999

    will the 1.0 be finally compatible with TFTD? Because the vanilla has some serious problem, and UFO defence is just too easy.


    Will there be a version that has proper higher resolution in battlescape so one can see more terrain at once?

    Don’t get me wrong – this is fantastic work but after 24 years of gaming experie I fing it hard to get back to 320×240 battelfields – its seems to confined in visual sence. 640×480 would be fine I think. If its impossible to do just say it 🙂

  4. eddie_power

    Guess that those new-fangles slider thingies only work with the Base Resolution in options.cfg set to 320×200 (as per the latest build of 2013-09-22 18:50). Setting it to 640×400 or 960×600 causes the sliders and its bar to become separated, unresponsive and relocated to the upper edge of the screen. Is there a way to disable this slider feature..?

  5. SupSuper Post author

    @SHOGUN_YAMATO: Try changing baseXResolution and baseYResolution in options.cfg

    @eddie_power: It’s fixed now.


    Thanks for the tip but this option is alny half good in battlescape and no real use in geoscape . The first mode looses track of you cursor – the cuboid used to mark units and the targeting reticle dissapear most of the time preventing precise movement. In the second mode graphics become disjointed. If you can adress those problem, it would be grat, if not, you did fantastic job non the less. If you get TFTD working with OpenXcom I will be extra happy – this was the firts ever game I bought, 4 2,5 flopy discs 😛

  7. eddie_power

    @SupSuper: Thanks for the quick reply, the sliders are working great now 🙂

    My OpenXcom setup is configured with a Base resolution of 960×600, and an Output resolution of 1920×1080 plus the SABR shader. I really enjoy the game as it is presented now – although it has the side effect of making the maps feel smaller and less scary/menacing than before with 320×200…

    Many thanks to the OpenXcom Team, keep up the great work!

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