Reducing inventory micromanagement

Now you can access soldier inventories from the Geoscape to pre-equip them.

And duplicate items stack to reduce the massive piles of base equipment.

And you can Ctrl-click items to automatically drop/pick them up.

15 thoughts on “Reducing inventory micromanagement

  1. Loddo

    Wow 😀 that is some great stuff.. Can’t wait for the next stable build of the game. Keep up the awesome work!

  2. Jacques

    version 1.0 of open xcom is going to be the best advancement that vanilla xcom has had in years.

  3. Anonymous

    I hope the stacking will be an option we can disable. It’s going to be pretty easy mode running around with nearly infinite grenades and ammo and weapons.

  4. Anonymous

    What I really want, inventory wise, is it to remember how the soldier was equipped when last deployed, and to re-equip it that way, where possible (e.g. there might not be enough ammo, grenades, etc.).

    Extra points for evenly distributing things when there isn’t enough.

  5. SupSuper Post author

    @Anonymous: You can’t stack items in the soldier slots, only the ground, and that would cause massive encumbrance anyways.

    @Anonymous: Soldier equipment layouts are already remembered, this has been in for a long long time now.

  6. Robbat

    Good feature I think now is time to try. So download the files and put them into the main dir and then download the extras and nightly builds too?

    What is your next planned feature?

  7. jacques

    well, the inventory button is located in the base>equip craft>skyranger>equipment. so I don’t know that is the same thing as geoscape because I equate it to the earth map being geoscape. another things is how many items can be stacked in one stack?

  8. Warboy1982

    @jacques: the numbers will become improperly aligned when the stack quantity hits 4 digits.
    but other than that the theoretical limit is somewhere around the 2 billion mark i guess.

  9. Asheram

    Just wanted to say that I love you guys for making one of the best games ever even better!

    Keep up the good work!

  10. Darkestaxe

    – The option to remember soldier loadouts has been there for quite a while. It’s optional and might default to off. Now you can edit load-outs from the craft equip screen between missions.

    – You will not be able to carry unlimited items, they only stack on the ground. As you can see in the screenshot the player has picked just one rocket launcher off his stack of 2 more rocket launchers. The soldier will be able to carry just one rocket launcher in his left hand, reducing the accuracy of both 2hand weapons, just like before.

    – 1.0 will be the biggest upgrade original X-COM has ever seen by no small margin! No offense to x-com util, ufo extender, or any other baddass mods, but non have come close to the stability, mod-ability, portability, ease of use, ongoing support, or forward mobility of OXC. As a group community project OXC proves that X-COM (and complex hardcore strategy gaming in general) is not dead, only under-appreciated by the gaming industry. LONG LIVE X-COM, LONG LIVE BLASTERS, CHRISILID REPRODUCTIVE CYCLES AND MIND CONTROL! LONG LIVE THE BRAIN!

  11. Robbat

    The AI is bullshit so please fix it so I can play OPENXCOM WITH REAL ALIENS!!

    Those aliens they always shooting from the corners when the fucking shot has maybe 1 perscent chance of making it through the UFO corners. It’s the UFO corners outside and from inside those small crafts the doors looking down because you need 100 perscent aim to make the fucking shot. The aliens will always try to shoot from those angles and always hit the UFO wall and never hit me! Make them stop doing that.
    Only shoot from good angles and sucky aim is reason it hit the wall, not because its the damn corner that needs 100 perscent aim to make it or else it hit the fucking UFO walls.

    I’m not mad, fix it thank you. and I mean the UFO wall corners outside when the alien shoots from the other corner at you where the UFO corner should be blocking but in Openxcom it lets you shoot, but it’s pointless because it needs perfect aim to make it. I don’t remember UFO Extender doing this problem.

    And I did install the latest night build last after installing everything else.

  12. Papamaanbeer

    i cant begin to tell you just how manny times i would have loved, to be able to do that! and now we can!

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