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This is an announcement for all translators, wanna-be translators, could-be translators and all sorts of non-English native speakers.

We’ve ditched the old translation system. And by system I mean “edit a text file by hand, hope you didn’t mess up the format, manually keep track of any updates and changes, get angry everytime it breaks and becomes out of date, give up, etc”. It wasn’t that great.

Now we’ve moved it all over to the GetLocalization website, so you can just log in, choose your language and have at it. You can translate as little or as much as you want, collaborate and discuss with other translators, help improve or vote the existing translations, discuss with other people, etc. Even better, the website will automatically update with any game changes and notify you of any new text that needs revising, so you don’t need to worry about your stuff breaking anymore.

If you were a translator before, don’t worry all your stuff’s been moved to the website, so you can just pick up where you left off. If your translation isn’t there just send us the file and we’ll import it to the website. If you need more details check the wiki and forums.

Now I know most of you are probably fine with English and don’t really care about any of this. But given 65% of our views come from non-English countries, I imagine there’s a significant demographic out there that could use a native version. So if not for yourself, do it for your fellow man, and together we’ll make OpenXcom 1.0 take over the world!!! …erm I mean spread all over the world… *cough cough*

3 thoughts on “New translations website

  1. loddo

    Whaaat 😀 this is awesome.. I didn’t really like the text file, and it was troublesome to coordinate with other translators. This will really make it easy for us! 😀 Great work..

    Now I can maybe finally do the rest of the danish translation.

  2. pavlp

    I’ve made some polish translations and own corrections. I hope that nobody get angry after that 🙂

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