New AI ready for testing!

Warboy has finished rewriting the AI for upcoming 1.0 to crush fulfill all your hopes and dreams. It’s bigger! It’s badder! It’s Just Like The Original™!

So now it’s your turn to give it a spin and let us know of any bugs and crashes you experience. Test it throughly! Never stop playing OpenXcom!

7 thoughts on “New AI ready for testing!

  1. kkmic

    I suggest a fundrasing in order to buy several kegs of beer for Warboy. Does anyone knows what’s his favorie brand?

  2. Piter432

    Dear developers, are you able to give an approximate release date of the next version of OpenXcom? Or maybe you have too much to fixing and/or improving the currrent features?

    Please answer 🙂

  3. Haytrid

    Here is hoping you did not duplicate the original AI tendency to wander aimlessly in a 2×2 upstairs bedroom in the far corner of the map in a random farmhouse 🙂

  4. Istrebitel

    Tested it out – unfortunately it still bugs like the old one. Meaning, aliens will block doorways, each wants to go into its neighbour’s tile, thus wasting the turn. But this time, it hangs the game until they finish trying. And they try it twice per turn…

    We need more randomness in alien movement patterns or some way of deadlock resolution, because this NEVER happened in vanilla (and it really makes UFO and base missions way less tense and epic).

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