Upgrade to yaml-cpp 0.5

By popular request, we’ve updated the whole codebase to support the new version 0.5 of the yaml-cpp library. Uhhh… what does this mean you might ask:

For developers: You need to update your dependencies! Yaml-cpp 0.5 API is not backwards-compatible, so the new code will not compile until you update the library to the latest version. Take the time to make sure your distro supports the new version. For Windows developers, pre-built Visual Studio dependencies are available as usual.

For players: All load/saving will probably just be faster and better in general. Savegames are more robust now so they shouldn’t break everytime we update something. Your task now is to throughly test all loading/saving and make sure nothing broke. All savegames/rulesets/options should still work like before, so if they don’t, let us know.

7 thoughts on “Upgrade to yaml-cpp 0.5

  1. Shoguknightww

    So even my old saves that broke in the past would work now? I have a couple I’d like to replay.

  2. SupSuper Post author

    I make no guarantees. 😛 Anything 0.9+ should work, but anything older probably not since the game went through so much change then.

  3. wsmithjr

    I think the extraStrings: settings in mod rulesets might be being ignored. Research titles topics are showing up as their internals names; ie., STR_ELERIUM_MACE instead of the string defined in extraStrings: as Elerium Mace.

    - type: English
    STR_ELERIUM_MACE: Elerium Mace
    STR_ELERIUM_MACE_UFOPEDIA: Using Elerium-115 as fuel this power weapon discharges a powerful electrical pulse to its unfortunate victim. A successful strike will overload the nervous system the target, effectively incapacitating it. Elerium Mace will stun living organisms.

  4. wsmithjr

    Note, in the above comment, the text is correctly indented in the ruleset file. Pasting into the comment un-indented it.

    Also, for the above item, once the item is researched, only the ruleset title appears in the UFOPedia, not the text that is supposed to appear.

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