12 thoughts on “The world’s most mystifying glyphs…

  1. Jacques

    After many years of research, the glyphs of the X-com command board has been translated for those who don’t know what to press.

  2. markosaar

    Took me a moment to realise wtf you were talking about. Bravo!

    (But wouldn’t it be better to just have a full-screen tactical mode and resort to hotkeys? 😉 )

  3. Péter Szabó

    No way! I don’t remember ever thinking about those buttons, it’s like I’ve known them forever, even before I learned about x-com!

  4. xracer

    Finally!!! I think this has been the #2 feature request for the last year, of course we all thought it will come in the way of a tooltip, but hey, beggars can’t be choosers. 😛

  5. Darkestaxe

    For those who are still confused, the idea is that the buttons on the battlescape are ‘Glyphs’ that need to be ‘Deciphered’, like some alien language.

    That alien language has finally been cracked and little tooltips show when you hover over a button. Now we finally know what the button with the triangle and the dude does, it causes soldiers in a flying suit to rise into the air.

  6. Nightwolf

    Great indeed!! Now please the same for inventory, if get the name of the item if you click on it actually, but will be better a tooltip once the mouse is on the item.

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