OpenXcom featured on Massive Chalice livestream

Wow, this completely flew past my radar. I need to upgrade to a Hyperwave Decoder. So the team behind Massive Chalice, an upcoming tactical/RPG/strategy/game/thing, occasionally show off other games that inspired them while talking about their project in live streams. And in one of them they featured OpenXcom! Check it out! And check out their project too, it looks pretty cool.

Watch live video from doublefine on TwitchTV

(starts at 00:09:30)

7 thoughts on “OpenXcom featured on Massive Chalice livestream

  1. Doggy

    Great Livestream! They had some good ideas that you guys should implement into Openxcom. Like accuracy being affected by the environment you’re in, like being in a desert. The more experienced you are, the less it matters. They had another great idea, but I forgot it.

    They had a negative view on TUs, but I guess they’re right about the flaws, but I love my TUs 🙂 Also, they could of disabled realistic primed grenades if it’s bad for gameplay. Is it on the option? I forget, but if it is, I don’t remember it being on by default. Realism is great, but you gotta have fun too!

  2. SupSuper Post author

    Grenades never go off as long as you’re holding on to them, even with “instant grenades”, they just kept panicking and making the situation worse. 😀

  3. Craqzy serious and obsessed X-COM FANATIC

    Hope we get an update with new toys and mod options to play with.

    Take your time, but seriously. Hurry up.

  4. SupSuper Post author

    @Spatial: Works fine here, make sure you don’t have an adblocker or something getting in the way.

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