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First off, we have a Google+ now. I didn’t tell anyone about it, yet somehow it already has +36, don’t know how that happened, but… er… good job, fans that… can apparently read my mind. *puts tinfoil hat* Though I probably won’t use it as much since it doesn’t integrate with WordPress well, and I’m not sure where I can link it on the website without ruining the lovely Feng Shui.

Second, I’ve been contacted to help spread the word about this cool little project called Isomer. I know I know, lately all I’m doing is asking for you to support stuff. “Ugh not this again, why is Sup asking for my attention? Why do I have to do stuff? Why should I care about this and that? And more importantly, where is my mod that merges every X-COM game together???”. But you know what, we’re all friends here. Yes, even you. If a fan comes up to me and asks for my help, I’ll gladly invite them inside, offer them a cup of coffee, then we can sit down and have a nice talk about the birds and the bees. It’s all cool.

Anyways, Isomer is a real-time strategy game where you take control of alien forces invading a randomly-generated world and have to mine for resources, build up your base, upgrade your troops and wage war against the inhabits. Or be all best buddies I guess, it’s a sandbox, but that doesn’t sound like much fun. There’s nothing available to download yet, but it looks very much in the style of X-COM’s tile-based destructible Battlescape gameplay, some kind of X-COM meets Minecraft I guess. Keep an eye on it, looks interesting.

7 thoughts on “Community stuff

  1. Ark

    So, I’m moving to Portugal to do part of my masters program, probably in Bragança province, can I come and get a cup of tea too, Sup? hahahaha

  2. Rovlad

    You’re definitely trying too hard to be funny, and yet still not, you know that?

  3. Ronny

    You gotta be a part of certain circles to understand Sup’s jokes. You should open up more.


  4. Dak, the Hate Mongol

    Why the hell did I just go to the official X-COM Enemy Unknown forum? It pissed me off to see so many kids taking that game seriously. That’s something to talk about.

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