Feature freeze

To make sure the next release comes out within this century, we are instituting a feature freeze. The priority right now is to fix all remaining bugs and finish any remaining features. Any new feature additions, code improvements, suggestions and whatever else will be postponed until the next release.

To help speed this process along, please test the latest Git Builds in a variety of platforms and scenarios. Don’t just keep loading the same old saves, but make new saves, new missions, new setups, etc. Prioritize reporting anyย critical bugs and crashes, and save any cosmetic problems for later.

7 thoughts on “Feature freeze

  1. Daiky

    I’m glad you are trying to keep the feature creep under control ๐Ÿ™‚

    “the goal of this project is to bring back the tried and true feel of the original” – about

    “extra or unnecessary features seem to creep into the system, beyond the initial goals.” – wikipedia

  2. DiceMaster

    Maybe it is better to create a separate branch for the release and keep the master branch open for features and improvements?

  3. mercy

    @warboy: “Aliens now pick up weapons.

    [..] of course, it still doesn’t ever HAPPEN because the data values are too low,
    but that’s nothing to do with me.”

    Please make it happen.

    But aliens are probably interested only in the plasma weapons of their fallen comrades.

    Also aliens could:

    – FEAST on the corpses of killed aliens.

    – Attack you with two Dual-wielded alien-daggers

    – Reapers should eat our soldiers alive, swallow the bodies whole and CHEW

    – UNDERGROUND moving aliens could grab and pull our soldiers into the soil, into their burrowed worm-holes and eat them. Animation: grabbed soldier screaming desperately trying to cling to the surface with nails but gets pulled below. Very dramatic.

    – Zombified soldiers eyes glow in the dark and their bodies are covered in dark dryed goo so they are very dark colored, you can only see their eyes in the dark..

    This should give a new meaning to a completely original XCOM:

    Terror From the Deep earth..

  4. mercy

    Aliens could contact your base to make an offer to buy up all low-skilled superfluous soldiers (to make human-sandwiches but they aren’t telling that) and give you elerium.

    Later on missions you can see Alien-Sandwich Bars on several levels, where civilians are having Happy Lunch (not knowing the meat is made of human sandwich) and you can kill the Alien Snakeman Cook!

  5. Major Eat-It

    Great job everyone! This is the game I’ve been waiting for this year! 100% completed!

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