Jade stream later tonight!

What better way to make sure there are no bugs left than a Jade Stream? 😀 As usual no specific time, but it should happen in a few hours. I’ll post a link here when it goes up and page you if you hang around IRC.

Update: And the stream is over, Jade finished OpenXcom without any crashes! Some bugs were still found though…

6 thoughts on “Jade stream later tonight!

  1. mercy

    “Warboy, Mon Mar 25 17:17:51 2013
    aliens reserve TUs

    get ready for more reaction fire, aliens just got smarter.”

    WOW! How cool is that!! Thank You!!

    “[..]make chryssalids scream when they charge, not all the time.”

    YEAH BABY!!!

  2. yonny rambo

    Cool great ideas gonna try to watch that clip but its broken warboy is making this right because hes a real fan!!!!!!!!!!

    its the little things that count. new games dont have that many little things,

  3. mercy

    So i gather from GIT updates:

    AI in OpenXCOM will be more fun than in the original game?

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