12 thoughts on “To the victor go the spoils

  1. papamaanbeer

    i am eager for the release of 0.5 but lets give them time,… it wil be even better. its in the hands of (sub)super fans they will get it just right

  2. kkmic

    Just awesome! congrats to the dev team. And to nilsge for his skillful navigation around the existing bugs 🙂

  3. Josh the hitman

    Where’s the rest of his play-through? Some of us want to watch the whole thing and we also need proof! Couldn’t he just use a secret cheat code password to get to the final level?

  4. Nils

    My proof is that I played for days and the openxcom team followed me because I did a live stream.

    And to the Naseweis “fdfdfd”. This is just a grab of my live stream which I did not even myself. Direct your complains to services such as twitch.tv (which I used). No matter what you feed in there, if you are a free user they will compress the shit out of your signal.

  5. mercy

    Warboy, Wed Mar 6 07:36:05 2013

    “zombies DON’T spread the disease. [..]”

    Why? Have you noticed the crapload of zombie games currently on the net? Zombie hordes are fun. Especially dramatic if squad members are being turned into zombies. We get a Lot more exciting game the WARZ Lots-of-Zombie-Way.

  6. mercy

    @Warboy “[..]units performing reaction shot assessments don’t get a “free turn” towards
    player units, and they don’t make their reaction fire assessment until
    AFTER the attacker is finished trying to kill them.”

    Why? A soldier stumbles onto an alien, but the soldier is SLOW AS HELL TO DRAW HIS WEAPON, the alien being faster shoots first.

    Establish new ability: SPEED or AGILITY for all units.
    Or calculate it this way: if a unit is GUARDING it is faster than the attacker.

    Or throw a dice who is faster

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