The handymen’s version!

Version 0.4.5 is officially out! This version is so fully packed with all sorts of fixes that some even grew into improvements and new features. We guarantee you will not experience another crash ever again, or your money back. 😉

Updated Windows downloads are now available, other platforms/versions will follow shortly (yes I will make a proper tarball…). Here’s the full changelog:

New features:

  • Ufopaedia
  • Hungarian translation
  • Rightclick mouse scrolling
  • Rightclick arrow buttons to min/max values
  • Weapons can be toggled on/off during dogfights
  • Modular rulesets (specified in options.cfg)
  • Soldier reordering
  • New options
  • Man page / command-line help
  • Logging


  • Updated translations
  • Updated soldier names
  • Various string clipping issues
  • Various UI issues
  • Infinite error message when tanks didn’t have ammo
  • Tanks getting it on in the storage room (recovered when mission ended)
  • Multiple “Tracking Lost” windows per UFO
  • Improved auto-equipping to ignore empty weapons and load weapons on the ground
  • Brought alien weapons counted towards score
  • Civilians didn’t count towards score
  • Crash when completing a research
  • Crash during dogfights
  • Wrong mouse input in minimap
  • Starting inventory didn’t work correctly in mission simulator
  • HWP ammo popped up in soldier inventory
  • Incorrect armor damage modifiers
  • Workaround for big corpse pieces being recovered
  • Missing rules for Reaper (crashed terror missions)
  • Ammo being reused after loaded
  • Civilians counting as saved when mission failed
  • Projectiles went through UFO if missed
  • Weird avenger spawn point
  • Item in elevator crash
  • Diagonally walking through trees
  • Items flying in the air when flying unit drops items
  • Fixed proximity grenade
  • Wrong craft speed when patrolling
  • Crash when patrolling after UFO lost
  • “Go to last known UFO position” button not working
  • Incorrect UFO recovery items
  • Ammo in weapons wasn’t recovered after missions
  • Crafts were fully unloaded after missions
  • New crafts don’t start in base position
  • Ammo graphics weren’t cleared after unloading weapon
  • Minimap doesn’t update level when using scroll wheel
  • Missing “Not enough equipment to fully re-equip squad” screen
  • Incorrect title in Promotions screen
  • Various changes to item creation/recovery in Battlescape
  • Wrong UFO graphics in interception window
  • Wrong craft/UFO altitudes
  • “UFO tracking lost” window missing sometimes
  • Crash when targeted terror site disappears
  • Reapers having incorrect behavior
  • Soldiers can turn without TUs
  • Walking through knocked down walls takes 4 TUs
  • Primed state of a grenade is not saved in the savegame
  • Firing and throwing accuracy does not decrease on injury
  • Diagonal line of sight through windows
  • Minimap not showing visible aliens on invisible tiles
  • Visible units not stored in save
  • Beam weapons not dealing any damage to UFOs
  • Rewritten dogfight radar animation
  • Dogfight UFO hit animation
  • Dogfight UFO crash animation
  • Dogfight projectiles animation
  • Projectiles could hit UFO even if it was out of their range
  • Added craft damage indication
  • Added translated terrain names to New Battle
  • Sound and graphics of flying suit
  • Small pathfinding issue
  • Segfault when mindprobing empty space
  • Untranslated Geoscape sidebar
  • Implemented faster unit walk speed off screen
  • Items visible on minimap on undiscovered tiles
  • Units walking on top of each other
  • Incorrect behavior with ground items in inventory
  • Options screen and resolution selection
  • Craft has wrong position when transferred
  • Craft doesn’t reequip when transferred
  • Game returns to the actual game after saving (instead of previous menu)
  • Drawing issue in medikit and scanner view
  • Improved explosion animation scaling with power
  • Explosion sound
  • Added Elerium-115 to battlescape
  • Vertical pathfinding
  • Cancel firing mode when pressing move up/down
  • Flying up/down graphics
  • Show damage percent of craft on its state-panel
  • Buttons not pressing with right-clicks
  • Bugs in soldier name generation
  • Added geoscape position to saves
  • Added “We can now produce” Geoscape window
  • Walk/move sounds
  • Proper ammo accounting after battles
  • Added “loading/saving…” messages to savegame screens
  • Being able to input text in resolution
  • Non-ASCII character input
  • Non-ASCII savegame names
  • Crash when trying to rearm crafts with empty weapon slots
  • Weapons glitching when dropped by panicked soldiers
  • UFO trying to escape after being destroyed
  • Freeze in wordwrapping
  • Big text automatically switches to small if string doesn’t fit
  • Battlescape crash when items were dropped
  • Unlimited ammo weapons being incorrectly recovered
  • Mouse being restricted to 320×200 area in some systems
  • Not being able to overwrite saves with non-ASCII names
  • Save list not synchronizing with text input
  • Weapon unload not clearing text
  • Basescape not resetting time to 5 Secs
  • Random seed missing in saves
  • Crash when large units tried to move outside the map
  • Wrong reaper sound

16 thoughts on “The handymen’s version!

  1. Fenyo

    Wow, after so many vicissitude, finally 0.4.5 is out! 🙂
    Congratulations SupSuper!

    (Anyways, one bugfix is missing from the list: “Transferring a craft is not possible” 🙂 )

  2. Fenyo

    Hmm, do i remember wrong that version 0.4 stable ZIP-download did not contain dlls? (they were linked statically in the EXE)

    Because 0.4.5 just released contains dlls!

    Or my memory betrays me?

  3. Alexey

    So, how far are we from a complete game? Is there any list of features where you could track progress?

  4. Fenyo

    Hmm, it seems a new feature is missing from the list also:

    Can prime grenades at mission pre-equip with a right-click

  5. Rovlad

    Windows 8 / ATI 5770
    – Always crashes when trying to change window resolution, works fine if mode is changed to fullscreen beforehand;
    – Crashed in a terror mission when scrolling battlescape with RMB held (possible related to LOTS of smoke sprites on screen).

  6. plxnjh

    Still getting crash after research complete. Deleted folder and reinstated from scratch, game still has old saves in it, what am I doing wrong?

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