I’ve broken up with Ubuntu

I’m sorry babe, but it just wasn’t meant to be. While I once grew fond of your sleek graphical UI, your apparent lightweightness and your simplicity of  use, the fact of the matter is you’ve changed. You’re a mess. You let yourself get inflated with ego and bloat, tried to hide your real nature to appease to those mainstream boys and keep pretending everything’s alright when it’s all falling apart on the inside. I’ve gotten fed up with your demand for updates that just end up bricking my VM and your frustrating and maddening new Unity interface that just led me to hunt down lengthy workarounds to deal with it. It’s over, we’re true. Now that Debian girl, hmm…

On a related note, Linux downloads have been updated, and an Ubuntu package introduced thanks to Knapsu. Enjoy!

14 thoughts on “I’ve broken up with Ubuntu

  1. Raúl Pedro Santos

    Unity is awful but Gnome3 still has a fallback mode that brings back pretty much the good Gnome2 feeling back. It’s called “Classic mode” in Ubuntu. Although I’ve recently read that Gnome 3.8 will get rid of it, so that might also be the time when I move away from Ubuntu.

    But I won’t be moving to Debian – I’ll either install Cinnamon or MATE, which are forks of Gnome3’s Shell and Gnome2, respectively, started by Linux Mint developers to bring back the sanity to the Gnome Desktop, or I’ll move over to Linux Mint, which has Cinnamon and MATE available directly.

    You might want to give those a try.

  2. SupSuper

    I’ll have a look at your suggestions. I don’t really use Linux for much more than the occasional development, so I just want something simple, graphical and lightweight. No need for a full desktop experience. So far Debian fits the bill, although it came very bare-bones.

    @Raul: I tried Classic Mode but it wasn’t really the same, and it took way too much hacking around to make it more like the old look that wasn’t really worth it.

  3. Luke83

    “What she was seeing you too , that Sl*T!”

    Honestly i am still using Ubuntu 10.10, i am too scared to upgrade 😉

  4. YoYo

    I really don’t understand this whole “I don’t like ubuntu’s default desktop enviroment, I have to install another distro…”. It’s true that ubuntu is heavily centered around a single DE, but it’s still a pretty decent ‘distro’ and packages almost everything else there is…
    You can just do a ‘apt-get install kubuntu-desktop’ to install everything kde related (and you get what you would get with kubuntu alongside your gnome/unity stuff), or you can try the more lightweight options: xfce, lxde, razor-qt. Just install them and when logging in, choose the one you want…

  5. horemeat

    I use Ubuntu… without a graphics card remotely from SSH. Although I still NX to it once in a while unity isn’t that terrible although it is as buggy as hell.

    Not updated to 12.10 though still on 12.04 as it is LTS and there is normally a problem to work around when updating if some program is unavailable for the old version I will upgrade though, the last time I updated Ubuntu had to create symlinks because they though it was funny to move the locations of directories and scripts around when other programs were still looking in the old place… idiotic.

    Now… the first time i tried to use Debian in about 2005 the installer made me cry with it’s constant questions I gave up installing it, perhaps it’s different now though. One of the best features of it was apt package manager as other distributions as the time sucked due to crappy package managers that broke all the time, or left you with a dependency broken hahahaha message… but Ubuntu was Debian based and just installed with no hassle.

    Still use windows as my main desktop OS sadly… mostly due to games :(.

  6. Kirin

    sudo apt-get install gnome-panel
    This will install the old Gnome 2 panel from the pre-unity days. Works with all the latest apps like Skype 4 no problems for me.

  7. Slxe

    This is why I moved to XFCE when unity first came out. Now I’ve just got a love affair with KDE mainly because I love the Qt framework >_>
    And as said in other comments, ubuntu is still a nice distro, just install a different DE or use xubuntu/kubuntu etc.

  8. NHO

    Use OpenSUSE, Sup.
    Or Linux Mint. Mint is Ubuntu with normal interface. OpenSUSE is from different branch of Linux OSes.

  9. juantxovilla

    Well, I have had exactly the same problems as described by SupUser!!!, I had remained in 10.4 LTS and then finally had to go to 12.04LTS because I had some programs and/or libraries deprecated for some new software. At the begining I was very vey motivated for the new experience with Unity, I felt lost but I tried for several months… but I missed so many things from the old gnome!! the new interface looks more messy to find my opened windows, I think it is a step foward for those used to use a single desktop, but I am used to use 6 desktop with very defined task on each one, now having more than one window of the same program find in the desktop I want was much more problematic, extra steps. Also calling a program took just too much time for my not so old computer, I want something ultrafast.

    And then the problems of the updates, my graphical card libraries broke so many times with the updates, I had to run it with the first kernel and freeze there the updates, but still some new library broke it again and finding it was time lost… and I have two screens, Unity gave me so many problems!!!, now if I want to move my portable without the external screen, it fails to load my user, what the hell!!! in 10.04 I did not have any of these problems!!!!

    I have then install gnome-panel and go back to the classic style, but I am having still so many problems… I will have to format again and try with those minimalistic desktops because I am so much angry at Ubuntu at this moment…

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