A new addition to the team!

Starting off his debut in the community with a very different version of OpenXcom, he followed up with sending a lot of valuable contributions to us (read: an absolute fuckton of code), including:

  • Hyperwave Decoder
  • Geoscape alien base handling
  • Live alien research
  • Psi training
  • Laser tanks
  • Battlescape alien unit rendering
  • More!

The team deliberated on this matter carefully, and we decided such intense passion and effort for the project should not go to waste. So everyone welcome Warboy1982 to the OpenXcom team! We hope he enjoys his stay here and becomes a valuable member of the project. πŸ™‚

12 thoughts on “A new addition to the team!

  1. Claude

    I’m happy for him.
    Good luck with your fabulous project.
    Let’s hope that you succeed, so you’ll be part of History (maybe).

  2. Daiky

    Welcome Warboy. Now you don’t have to bother SupSuper or me anymore when you feel like writing things for openxcom. So it’s for the benefit of everyone πŸ™‚

  3. Warboy1982

    thanks for the kind words, guys.
    and thanks for the opportunity!

    as someone who is using OpenXcom as an immersion learning technique, and still quite new to C++, this is quite the unexpected turn of events, but certainly not an unwelcome one.

    i can’t wait til we get this thing DONE so i can get back to crazy mod development, but in the meantime, feature development suits me just fine.

  4. mercy

    Welcome Warboy. His recent updates and comments struck me as a heavy CODER-THINK-TANK!

    Awesome news!!

    I wish i could pay you guys to create an SVGA version.

  5. nullzero

    at least my human half thinks that checking the github commits is much more entertaining now… ^_^ Good work!

  6. Lori Krumble

    OpenXcom is a real lifesaver because I bought X-COM: UFO Defense on steam after beating the new XCOM game, but it runs terribly on my windows 7 machine… I’ve been going crazy trying to get it to work so I can play the original game that inspired the new XCOM game. I really want to play this soon! I read an article of the differences between new and original and it’s driving me crazy! I want to play this badly!

    Thank you for this great project. My bf pointed this out when I couldn’t get the damn steam version to run.

  7. eternal1

    New dependency … SDL_image ??
    I compile OpenXcom in linux every day. I will let you know if something breaks.

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