0.5 is just around the corner!

That’s right folks, we’re nearly there! According to the development schedule, all we’re missing to hit that landmark (as of right now) is Cydonia, and to my understanding , that is being worked on as I’m writing.

As we near completion of this development cycle, we have found it necessary to add a further external dependency to the project, the SDL_image library.

By including this, we now have the means to import many common image formats, which opens the door for future modding capability.

What this means for developers:ย You will need to download and add the extra library to your deps folder in order to successfully compile.

What this means for the rest of us: NOTHING! OpenXcom should continue working in exactly the same fashion as it did before the addition.

24 thoughts on “0.5 is just around the corner!

  1. Warboy1982

    oh god, please don’t say that.
    I’m just a johnny-come-lately with too much spare time on his hands. I’ve only contributed to the final push to 0.5.
    I may be leading the charge as of right now, but to say i’m doing this on my own is not giving everyone else the respect and credit they rightly deserve.

  2. Fenyล‘

    I just wanted to say that nowadays your contribution is so much that everyone else’s contribution is nearly invisible. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Of course everyone deserves the respect and credit for his/her work.

    ..I wish i could spend as many times as you to develop things in OpenXcom, but now i have to deal with finishing the university.

  3. Warboy1982

    That’s probably due to me having way too much spare time, and devoting ALL of it to OpenXcom, because dammit, it’s WORTH IT.

    I have a feeling December/January will be a time of HEAVY activity on the project, as people who were otherwise too busy will finally have time off.

  4. Sklll

    Don’t forget to fix reapers/cyberdiscs before releasing v0.5 ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Looking forward for it anyway.

    And Respect to all the team.

  5. esmo

    Can’t wait for you to finish the project. This two decades old thing is still the best around, thanks for fixing it after all these years! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Lori Krumble

    Wow so you’re in the halfway point now?! Wish I could help since it’s a community project, but I’m just a little one going to college for business practice..

  7. Warboy1982

    @Sklll: what’s wrong with cyberdiscs? mind submitting a bug report?

    @Lori Krumble: 0.5.0 isn’t exactly the halfway point,
    0.5.0 is a fully playable game.
    1.0 will be a fully playable game and then some.

  8. xan

    i think is a good idea to open a kickstarter initiative, to work to it at full time for 1 or two people, for example 50k euro i think is reasonable

  9. Lori Krumble

    No donation link anywhere, so he probably doesn’t need money, I think he only wants your support on the forums.

  10. Warboy1982

    I’m not trying to solicit donations, but if anyone WANTS to give me money, my paypal details are available on request.

  11. gix

    Fantastic work… nearly done…
    But I have a suggestion – don’t know if it’s planned or imagined – A TFTD game – with UFO downed even on the surface (using only SUB GUNS, no TORPS to shoot it down while airborne ) – using XCOM maps for surface tactical combat… and, of course only surface-enabled weapons…
    What do you think? Would it work?

  12. Lori Krumble

    Thanks for sharing mercy, I didn’t know about that nice area ๐Ÿ™‚

    gix, that would be so neat I’d really like to see that happen. My bf said that it would be tough to balance, research-wise.

  13. Mike K

    Guys I still watching how this projects develops – you do a Fantastic job!!!
    X-Com is one of the best games I ever played and you just give it a second life!
    Thank you for the work you do!

  14. Mejer

    Hello there ~
    I’ve played OpenXCOM V0.5 for a period of time.
    You guys really do good works for me to have a good aftertaste.
    Thumbs up for you!!!

    There are few bugs while I playing.
    1. the speed of XCOM’s aircraft seems to be slower than the speed it should be. (Cause an aircraft with a speed of 2100 seems to be just as slow as a UFO with a speed of 1000.)
    2. an aircraft may be at the different place to an UFO as they meet if the timer sets too fast ..
    3. aliens with 4 blocks-size could be regenerated at the north of the map. (this drives me crazy, cause the regenerated floater’s pet will give me some long distance bite.. lol)
    4. In battle, a walkable place would be a block when any unit is at the same location but in a different floor.
    5. In battle, units could look through some wall such as UFO and XCOM aircraft. (Once my soldier in aircraft was killed by a shoot from the inside of the aircraft…. lol and I found an alien smiling just at the window of a building in front of my aircraft … )

    hope these would be helpful for you to make a perfect XCOM !!
    ( OpenXCOM is already good to play !!!)

  15. Daiky

    I implemented Cydonia, Warboy threw in some more AI concerning melee units and psionics and lot of other tweaks and fixes. I think it’s purely adminstration (of SupSuper) that’s keeping the release 0.5 now.
    Although I’m still fixing bugs here and there while playtesting.

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