10 thoughts on “My Developer Hell Top 3

  1. hsbckb

    I agree that localization is the most challenging part for game development especially using bitmap fonts.

    Localization for the Eastern Languages e.g Chinese, Japanese should be the task after Ver. 1.0. So, I will wait quietly.

  2. mountainmanjed

    You can just allow bigger fonts and geoscape buttons(at least double) and it would be good enough to do the eastern characters. Capcom,SNK,Taito,Sunsoft,and so on. Often used 16×16 fonts for Japanese text in fighting games.

  3. SupSuper Post author

    @NineX: If you think it’s that simple, you got another thing coming. 🙂 I intentionally kept it vague, but I can expand on these topics if people get curious.

  4. d2uriel

    @SupSuper: yes, please expand those topics. On the forums maybe? I will be finishing the dogfights soon so I can do other stuff now.

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