Testing the Social Broadcast System

Thanks to everyone liking us on Facebook, keep spreading the word!

I’ve hooked up the site to Facebook now, so hopefully every future update will be automatically posted there too.

4 thoughts on “Testing the Social Broadcast System

  1. John

    FB isn’t as bad as some may think. It does wonders for the world of business and it works good enough for me.

  2. Anonymous

    It’s very effective crowd control and voluntary surveillance system, nothing more, nothing less.

    I’m not a tinfoil-hat paranoiac, but would still never disclose any real information about myself on the Net. You may think you are not interesting to anyone and just use it because everyone does, but soon enough it’ll be mandatory for job applications (it already is for some companies), track and share your browsing habits, etc. And there will be less and less ways of maintaining your anonymity and keeping your private information, which every big corporation claims to respect, to yourself.

    That future isn’t very far, and the vibes I’m getting from social networking are quite Orwellian.

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