*tumbleweed blows by*

Hello! It’s been… a while, hasn’t it?

*dodges tomatoes thrown at him*

Ok, I know there hasn’t been any real update in months. Here’s the gist of it. Most of this time I’ve been busy with university, it’s really stressing and time-consuming and after months of going nuts over coding at school I don’t really feel like coding much at all when I get back home. On the bright side I’m almost finished with my MSc. Anyways I have my last exam tomorrow, followed by a week off everything to clear my head, relax and hopefully get me back coding.

What does this all mean to you? OpenXcom v0.4 will be coming out this July! That is a promise, if I don’t finish everything I planned I’ll just pack it up as-is and move on. I know in an open-source project “version releases” don’t really mean much given you can just grab all the latest stuff off the source code, but I like having these clearly-defined milestones to mark the progress of the project, with a whole bunch of new finished features (instead of just in-progress stuff) all properly packed and prepared for the common user.

OpenXcom v0.4 will feature a lot of new things since the last version, with special thanks to our great community for always lending a hand. Research, manufacture, medkit, motion scanner, tanks, debriefings, armor, terror sites, rulesets, tons of bugfixes and more! A new website might be revealed! I might spontaneously explode! Stay tuned. 🙂

P.S. To everyone contacting me stressing out over the server, relax! We’re not going anywhere! We appreciate the concern but our terrific server admin NineX has got it all under control, the donation drives are not a desperate last resort, just regular reinforcement so all these X-Com websites keep running without a hitch, and so far they’ve been doing splendidly. If you have any further concerns, please contact NineX directly.

7 thoughts on “*tumbleweed blows by*

  1. Christian

    oh thats great news 😀 can’t wait to see the next version. I’m glad you’ve come to this conclusion. So if 0.4 is filled with bugs, will we have to wait some months for fixes, or will smaller changes be released along to way?

    Keep up the great work 🙂 I hope your exams went well..

  2. Zeno

    tumbleweed keeps blowing by…
    *trows more tomatoes*

    why say you release in july and we haven’t seen a release in july ???

    please dont let this project die !!!

  3. Luke83

    El Sofa Fuerte and Zeno , if you check out the forums you will see a few new bugs delayed the release but V0.4 will be out as soon as SupSuper gets control of everything. Many Great features are still under development and the Modding community here is starting to Grow also , Maybe you can get involved also?
    Please Check out the Forums!

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