Forum registration problems

Due to the abundance of spam, we have to take a very zealous approach to forum registrations. If you are having trouble, make sure your account doesn’t look like a spammer. Answer the questions and CAPTCHAs correctly and avoid filling your profile with links or using very generic info that make you look like a spammer.

If you are still having trouble (account not activated, posts not working, etc.) feel free to contact us with your account name and other details of the problem so we can have a look at it and fix it.

2 thoughts on “Forum registration problems

  1. David McGivern

    I am having problems registering for the forums. Not sure what the answer to the first question is i.e. ‘what is the name of this project’. I’m trying open Xcom but it’s telling me an error has occured. Any clues as to what the answer is?

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