OpenXcom Users Map

Our forum has got new feature – member map. It allows to share your location with other forum members. That way we can see where OpenXcom users are located (maybe your neighbor also loves OpenXcom and you don’t know about that? 😉 )

This feature is of course optionally – if you don’t want to share your location (if for example you’re afraid of being abducted by aliens) you don’t have too. Also, this feature is only accessible for registered users.

One thought on “OpenXcom Users Map

  1. kevL

    first jk

    hey Sup, I love xCom and have a heavily modded old disc-based DOS version. just letting ya know there’s another guy out here cheking in from time to time on the ‘no rush’ schedule ( *holds tomatoes concealed behind me* ) …

    i Believe! & tks

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