Oh no it’s version 0.4!

Update: April fools! (as if you couldn’t tell) Click here for the original post.

New features:

  • Geoscape:
    • Random mission generation.
    • New Geoscape pathfinding.
    • New globe lighting.
    • UFOpaedia.
  • Basescape:
    • Research.
    • Manufacture.
    • New side base view.
  • Battlescape:
    • Abort screen.
    • Debriefing screen.
    • Battlescape save game.
    • Panicking units.
    • Skill increase and promotions.
    • Ranged based accuracy is now optional (see UFO Extender for details on Ranged Based Accuracy).
    • Minimap.
    • First-peron camera.
    • Flying units.
    • Grav lifts.
    • Optional pathfinding preview.
    • Medikits.
    • Laser weapons.
    • Large units.
    • Motion scanner.
    • Alien deployment rules.
    • AI taking cover & throwing grenades.
  • Terror missions.
  • Moral choice system.
  • External rulesets.
  • Options screen.
  • RPG conversation wheel.


  • Damage modifier against blob alien types corrected.
  • Research camera was incorrectly capturing information when the Y-axis was over 30ΒΊ.
  • Removed instances where soldiers were actually dying.
  • Agent’s hat not correctly flipped when dispatching units towards a target waypoint.
  • Fixed areas where bloom was missing.
  • Tweaked interface where time units were still erroneously displayed.
  • Terrain was vanishing when hit by a powerful-enough weapon.
  • Corrected timing in quick-time events found in introductory cutscene before a specific terror mission.
  • Removed unnecessary complexity from inventory system.
  • Reticulated extra splines from Geoscape globe interface.
  • Fixed items vanishing after going into the 5th tier of terror ship missions.
  • Replaced random instances of PC controls being displayed with the equivalent console controls.
  • Replaced all instances of yellow with green.
  • Corrected difficulty bug where all games were defaulting to Beginner after being loaded.
  • Added support for Kinect for a more accurate aiming innovative intuitive aiming experience.
  • Changed Chrysalid spawning chance from 99% to 99.99%.
  • Corrected instances when grenades weren’t exploding randomly while being anywhere close to the Skyranger.
  • Negative conversation option in the romance subplot with Miss Jane in the Radar Room now properly awards a -5 bravery modifier.
  • Tweaked soldier accuracy to correct situations where bullets were actually hitting their targets instead of the X-Com Commander.

Get it while it’s hot!

7 thoughts on “Oh no it’s version 0.4!

  1. Christian

    aww :/

    my first thought was “who would ever release om 1.april” πŸ™‚ guess i know now.

    Hope its progressing tho πŸ™‚ keep on rocking!

  2. Chris

    Guys, promise you wont do like the morons who did TTS and stop at 99% completion and vanish.

  3. Sklll

    Can’t wait for moddable v.1.0
    You guys can make my dream come true.
    I’m counting on you.

    My respect and best wishes.

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