The road to 0.4

Ok I’ve been staring at this New Post box for hours now trying to come up with something to write about, looking back, going WOW THIS IS REALLY BORING, repeat. It’s really hard to top Nuke Pistol, you know?

But I don’t wanna keep you in the dark. After all, development is still happening. Honest! Look at all those… words! I’ve been getting rid of everything possible in the colossal almighty XcomRuleset.cpp and moving it out to external files. So no more this crap:

However, there’s no telling what I might be breaking as I do this! So, I’d like everyone to specially test the latest ruleset-based code, you know play the game as you would normally, and make sure there’s no regressions (things that worked before but now don’t). If you’d rather have some fun, you can always play with the ruleset and make your own nuke pistols or something… though I’m not held responsible for whatever crazy things you break then. 😛

So, what more do I have planned until v0.4? Well just finishing the rulesets, implement mission generation, maybe add in an Options GUI or something, and that’s it! I know I know, this doesn’t sound like much, but think about it… have you looked at the roadmap? We’re over half-way done! Most of the Geoscape, Basescape and Battlescape features are done! We just need to put in all the missing content, the weapons, the aliens, the missions, the scoring, etc. Which is probably still gonna take a while… but whatever, I’m excited! And you should be too!

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