Breaking changes for Windows developers

Just a heads-up for all the OpenXcom Windows developers. I’ve restructured the project structure to support both x86 and x64 builds, and updated all the dependencies, so next time you pull the latest code it probably won’t compile until you update everything to match. Make sure to clear out all the old dependencies and built files (bin\, deps\ and obj\ folders) and get the new pre-built dependencies. They include the new SDL 1.2.15, SDL_mixer 1.2.12, SDL_gfx 2.0.23 and yaml-cpp 0.3.0, both for x86 and x64 systems. Everything seems to still work on my end, so let me know if you experience any trouble.

The Eclipse and CodeBlocks projects were also dropped from the codebase  since they were hardly used and changed based on people’s individual configurations. If you use these IDEs I suggest just making your own local project.

Developers for other platforms don’t need to worry as you probably aren’t affected.

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