Random numbers suck!

Development will rarely be thrilling and exciting, but I figure it’s best to keep posting about stuff

4 thoughts on “Random numbers suck!

  1. marabus

    There seems to be “SoldierInfoState.h” file missing in the trunk. Thus, the buid fails.

  2. localhosed

    I know projects like this are really hard to plan and program when it comes to the work of it. Congratulations, that globe looks really good.

    ‘This guy is terrible’ has really good reactions for the usual rookies that I remember getting. I would keep him, its hard to know when that useless rookie turns into an unstoppable veteran because of the circumstances. Its kind of a signature of X-com isn’t it?

  3. SupSuper Post author

    True enough. But with bravery and accuracy like that, he’s just as likely to spend his reactions shooting teammates. Another integral part of X-Com. 😉

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